Friday, 4 September 2009

Yet again, BLOB BLOGGING WINGNUT shows a lack of understanding.

As LuLu noted at Canadian Cynic: Was it something we said?  the propensity Blob Blogging Wingnut has for spinning every "Gotcha! you hypocrites!" into an attack on their absolute, zealot right to their unfettered speech is a MASSIVE exercise in panty-bunchification.   

The Fetus©™ fetishist normal.  According to their beliefs, they have the right to prevaricate, obfuscate, and baldly lie to advance the goals of whatever their crusade du jour happens to be.

And to disallow or moderate comments?  That is a built-in feature in most blogging software.

Here’s the point that SHE missed.  As fern hill said, there is a cognitive dissonance and often an abyss, between the principles they pretend to espouse and the manner in which they conduct their business.  And business it is – though foot soldiers like Blob Blogging Wingnut and Scott Roeder are penniless schmucks who believe in the greater glory of their just cause, the respective beneficiaries of their support: the Catholic Taliban or Operation Rescue (or whatever organization surreptitiously encouraged Roeder) will reap the rich financial harvests. 

It is just too, too delicious to point out the inconsistencies and the patent propagandizing that occur at ALL-CAPS as normal operating procedure.  The dogma SHE embraces ran rampant in the Middle Ages and resulted in the Grand Inquisitions.  Yet SHE claims all the entitlements of the 21st century has to offer, in defense of this religious malevolence. 

Medieval Catholicism.  Not just for the 12th century. 

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