Friday, 4 September 2009

WTF is the matter with you people??!!?!!!

All of you.

Can you imagine another country in the world in which a speech by the democratically elected head of state is boycotted by schools???!!!???
Barack Obama staged a tactical retreat today in the face of accusations that a nationwide broadcast to schoolchildren next Tuesday amounted to an attempt at political indoctrination.

Republicans and other conservatives, such as the Fox News presenter Glenn Beck, buoyed by their success in opposing his health reform plan, opened up a new front over the schools broadcast. One Republican accused Obama of seeking to spread socialist ideology.

The education department last month asked schoolchildren, as part of activities surrounding the broadcast, to send in proposals for how they could help Obama. They were also asked to discuss "notable quotes" from Obama speeches on education.

Republicans objected that this amounted to politicisation and also condemned what they claimed would be a speech setting out Democratic policies to school children. Schools across the country are planning to boycott the broadcast and are organising alternative events.

I was never an Obamaniac. But FCS, I didn't think he and his administration would turn out to be such a bunch of PUSSIES in the face of batshit bugfuck certifiable insanity.


jj said...

Yep, they should be laughing at these a-holes and telling them to hit the road. You can't treat unserious people seriously.

Lindsay Stewart said...

yes we can... roll over and whimper. at this rate america will really deserve the future it is carving out for itself. time to start really lobbying for that zombie wall.

Anonymous said...

That is connected to the I PLEDGE youtube. I pledge to Obama, instead of pledging to the Constitution. Directly related, promise.

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