Wednesday, 16 September 2009

To Iggy and the Libs: Thanks for Backing Off

I said in the comments to this seemingly controversial blogpost that I would update when the Liberal Party officially clarified its position.

It has.
The Facebook group called “Proud to be a member of that ‘left wing fringe group’ called women” is a non-partisan initiative. The women in our office discovered their efforts a few days ago and were thrilled to support it. We made sure the message on our buttons was different so that people wouldn’t be confused. Buttons were distributed to all MPs who wanted them regardless of political party affiliation. We understand the group’s desire for this not to be partisan.

So, speaking just for myself, I thank the Liberal Party for their acknowledgment that our efforts are strictly non-partisan.


West End Bob said...


That wasn't so hard, was it, LPC ? ? ? ?

fern hill said...

Pale is also having problems commenting here. Here's what she wants to say:

'Amazing. LEAF lost pretty much most of their funding for fighting for women's issues. The Court Challenges program and the SWC "equality" mandate removal. Now, they need to scrabble in the dirt to make ends meet and continue on in this political climate where they keep getting thrown under the bus.
The libs decide they just can't stand back and maybe let something GOOD happen. Nope. Their coffers are full. Chests are popped out.
Meanwhile, the Cons like those trophy heads on their walls, and LEAF would make a fine specimen.
Flanagan's plans include bankrupting their political enemies, that hasn't changed.

I cannot support this kind of Machiavellian bull ca ca.
I am politically aware. AND I vote.'

Scott in Montreal said...

Glad that episode is out of the way. 1,940 members joined the FB group so far!

fern hill said...

You know what, Scott? You can take your sanctimony and shove up it your ass.

Anonymous said...

Actually I just want to thank the Women of the LPC, who rose to the occasion, saw the problem, and helped resolve it.

Some of their supporters, not so much.

Pale said...

Notice that the women got it?

The boyz think funding grows on trees or something. Or that since it's a wimmens group, they can make do with nothing.

Note: Tribe got it. Fair is fair.

fern hill said...

And Scott Tribe. The Liberal women and Scott got it. Whodathunk? ;)

Anonymous said...

10:54 P.M. - 2006 members!

Scott in Montreal said...

[bewildered:] @fern hill, how in the world did you read sanctimony into my comment? Your aggressive response is really repulsive and unwarranted. Check my blog and tell me if you still stand by what you wrote.

fern hill said...

'Episode'. I had an episode? I had a small episodic event of some kind? Maybe like PMS?

I'll check your blog -- maybe -- later. At the moment, I'm really not inclined.

I'm just having another 'episode', I suppose.

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