Friday, 18 September 2009

To Blob Blogging Wingnut: 3 Words.

Ladies Against Women.

We Truly Tasteful Ladies Do Hereby Demand:

Repeal the Ladies' vote. It is suffering and not suffrage that keeps us up on our pedestals. And if God hadn't wanted us up on pedestals, He wouldn't have make us shorter than our husbands.

Abolish the environment. It takes up too much space, and is almost impossible to keep clean.

Free Ladies from wage slavery. The 60-odd cents we earn for every manly dollar is entirely too much. It is unladylike to accept money for work.

Maintain illiteracy as a high school graduation requirement. An uninformed populace is an obedient populace, and a self-censoring one, too. After all, ignorance is a virtue: what you can't read, can't hurt you.

At Canadian Cynic: Ah, the irony. our favourite anti-feminist hater is held up for consideration, a prime example of the "impeccably civil" blogger who lets commenters like the odious gynophobe 'Ken' and anti-abortion terrorist enabler 'Jill/bayouchild' do HER dirty work.

From a recent SUZY ALL-CAPS jeremiad:
I make no secret of my hatred of feminism. I am sick and tired of the feminist claim that they represent women; the implicit message that they speak for all women and know what's best for them. I'd like to start a movement called "free women". Free women oppose feminism, because as far as the West is concerned, women are free. The point of this movement would be to call feminists on their claims that uphold "the truth" about women. Feminists like to conflate their movement with women, and their ideology with what women want or need.
And Blob Blogging Wingnut and HER fundamentalist religious zygote zealot cohort aren't claiming to speak for The Fetus©™ in every woman's womb? Do tell us more about that conflation you so despise.


Bina said...


There are only two kinds of women: feminists, and idiots.

And only feminists are free.

Luv 'n' mush,

the REAL free women.

CK said...

Is Suzy home maker really Sarah Palin in disguise??

Sure sounds like her!

CK said...

Oh while you're on the subject of women haters, read my latest entry; you can add Bernie Ecclestone to the list...his quote I think REALLY out does all!

deBeauxOs said...

Bernie Ecclestone embodies the cupidity of the masses.

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