Friday, 18 September 2009

Goin' ... goin' ... soon to be gone?

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford - many recent news items invariably use the qualifier "embattled". This is why. Thanks to Sanford, hiking the Appalachian Trail has become a political euphemism for the illicit shenanigans of yet another adulterous, hypocrite, Fundie Christian Family Values ©™ Republican.

Now his travel history is under scrutiny, as many former supporters from his own party try to push him out of the statehouse.

Sanford, the embattled Republican governor who last week rejected calls for his resignation from the state GOP and 61 of the 72 House members from his own party, faces an ethics investigation of his travel habits. A growing number of legislators are discussing the prospect of impeachment.

The governor's travel became the focus of attention after he returned from a mysterious absence in June to announce an affair with an Argentine woman he later called his soul mate. The married father of four sons said he began the adulterous relationship while on a state trip to South America in 2008. ...

Throughout his political career, Sanford has cast himself as a frugal conservative, known to demand that state employees use both sides of Post-It notes. His 2002 gubernatorial campaign included attacks against other state officials for what he called wasteful travel expenses.

Both sides? How does that work, since only one side has the sticky glue strip? How does Sanford feel about the single-use wastefulness of toilet paper?

Mark Sanford: re-defining tacky AND sticky.

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Bina said...

And now we know WHY he was such a cheap-ass.

He was using that money to fly first-class to visit his tart in Argentina!

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