Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Palin's Ghost (Writer)

Sarah Palin had help writing her MASSIVE autobiography. And according to a blog at the Christian Science Monitor, Sarah chose well when she chose Lynn Vincent as her hack helper.

Here's how the blogpost starts:
By now, you’ve probably heard the news. Sarah Palin – prolific Facebook user, Twitter poet, and former Alaskan governor – is writing a book.

(Tee hee. 'Twitter poet' is a link taking you to a previous blogpost on William Shatner's hilarious poetic rendition of Sarah's farewell speech.)

Not only is Vincent an author whose work sells very well, she's also politically in synch with Sarah.
A review of Vincent’s most recent stories in World [Magazine] reveals a strong focus on abortion, religion, and gay marriage.

The rightwingnutz are slavering.

ADDED for those who haven't seen the Shatner performance and for those who want to see it again.

OOPSIE. Wrong YouTube. Here's the orginal.


Antonia Z said...

Oh poor Sarah. She's no Michelle Malkin.

Bina said...

I'll say. At least the Asian White Supremacist is ghosted by her husband!

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