Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bad cop, bad cop.

From this blogsite: "Any time a law enforcement officer is accused of tarnishing the badge, it is an embarrassment to all the honest, hard-working members of this profession who work day in and day out to protect and serve with integrity." I discovered What Happened to Protect and Serve? when I was trying to track down earlier news items about James Talford, in regard to this:

A former member of a New York state police anti-terrorism unit has been ordered to stay away from two Canadian women he was accused of harassing.

A Buffalo City Court judge granted 45-year-old James Talford of Clarence a conditional discharge Tuesday on his guilty plea to non-criminal violation counts of harassment and disorderly conduct.

The judge also issued orders of protection to both women.

Talford was an investigator with the Buffalo office of the state police counterterrorism intelligence unit when he was arrested in late July. [His] lawyer said he retired from the state police about a month ago after 21 years with the agency.

It must have been terrifying for the women he harassed. I'm presuming that Talford said some very disturbing things that were likely recorded, in order for charges to be laid and for the case to come before a judge. He probably didn't phone to beg them to take him along the next time they indulged in a cross-border shopping spree. No. It's likely he threatened them. And when a guy who works with a state police counterterrorism intelligence unit threatens you, it's frightening. And serious.

So. Back to that blogsite. There are 62 posts with a 'death from Taser' label and an item about Inspector Steve Izzet - head of the Toronto police intelligence unit. Umm, what is it about 'intelligence units'? Is that where the dickheads get parked when none of the other units will take them? Izzet faces serious charges. According to this, a tribunal hearing was scheduled for the end of April. That was almost 6 months ago, there's been nothing in the news since then.


fern hill said...

Great find, dBO! I just added What Happened to Protect and Serve to our blogroll.

deBeauxOs said...

I thought that you might appreciate the ... ahem, Buffalo connection, fern hill.

Anonymous said...

And since none of you femtards are Americans nothing that happens here is any of your business, nor does your opinion count. You don't live here, work here, or pay taxes here, so keep sucking off the government teat there in Canuckistan and keep your fucking libtard opinions where they belong-in a nation with no identity of its own. FUCK OFF

fern hill said...

I just approved that comment and may have more to say later. But for now, I just want to let Armoured Saint know that I am a dual citizen of both Canada and the US. And I vote in US elections. Bwhahahahah!

Also, if AS(S) had read the post, s/he might have noticed that it was a Murrican cop harassing two Canadian women.

Hmmmm, kinda like AS(S)'s comment. Murricans harassing Canucks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, by all means keep shrieeeking you stupid fucking dyke-makes it all the more fun to mock your sorry homo ass you stupid sniveling femtard.

fern hill said...

I'm letting that one go for people to see. But you're done here, ASS-hat.

fern hill said...

In case the suspense is killing people, Armoured Saint tried one more. The totally predictable 'you can dish it out' yadayda, with a bunch more profanity -- odd that in a Saint. I deleted and she (I checked her profile) seems to have got the message.

I checked her blog too -- a Murrican SUZY-ALL-CAPS, same faked fetus fotos and everything.

deBeauxOs said...

Wow, AS(S) has quite the foul mouth for a 'saint' - who knew that Ste-Nitouche had an evil twin brother?

jj said...

AS - Might be time to switch to decaff, little buddy.

jj said...

Oh shit, it's breeding. The gene pool just got a little shallower.

Bina said...

Aw, too bad...the AS(shole) is already gone. I was hoping to swat it around the room with my claws out. Like a tinfoil ball, y'know?

Didja get its IP number at least?

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