Monday, 28 September 2009

Goin' Rogue?

Which should not be confused with "going Galt".

One is the purported title of Sarah Palin's 'memoir'. The other is a threat by teabaggers, rabid neocons, rightwing religious fundamentalists and sore loser Republicans to go out to their backyards to eat worms, if I catch their drift.

"Going rogue" is what McCain insiders called Palin's behaviour in the last weeks of the 2008 presidential campaign. In the wild, elephants are said to go rogue when they separate from the herd and go off on their own, running amok and creating havoc. According to this, it's the adolescent males who are prone to going rogue; perhaps the Republicans were thinking of Mrs Jumbo, Dumbo's mother?

In any event, getting back to Palin's book:

Publication is being moved up from spring to Nov. 17 in order to catch the holiday book-buying season. The former Alaska governor has been in huge demand as a speaker, and continues to harvest a bounty of media attention.

A mammoth first printing of 1.5 million copies has been ordered — the same first run as “True Compass,” the memoir of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

Palin had a deadline of Sept. 15 for her manuscript and turned it in a bit early. Copy-editing and fact-checking are now underway in a race to meet the crash publishing schedule, which has been accelerated four or five months because of the huge anticipated demand.

Should be sumtin'. Just one itsy bitsy question. Is mammoth a literary term for MASSIVE?


fern hill said...

I think I have a touch of dyslexia (troublesome in an editor-type person). When I saw that headline, I read it as 'going rouge'. Which works too. Also.

Anonymous said...

what do mean by the 'Dumbo's mother' comment?

deBeauxOs said...

If you click on the link for Mrs Jumbo (that's why it's there) it takes to a YouTube of the scene where she spanks a bad boy who torments her little Dumbo. Because of that, she was considered to have gone rogue and was confined to a barred pen.

I'm assuming that you're familiar with the 1941 Disney film.

the regina mom said...

Is mammoth a literary term for MASSIVE?

Well, you know we writers are always looking at word choice and mammoth could in fact be considered as such! ;)


abbee lee said...

As a women, I would be interested to read it as she is a strong part of our country and is a strong women with strong morals and integrity and a Christian as I am. She is a mother of many children and has been able to be successful at that and other things…this is commendable, if you ask me…

Bina said...

"A strong women" is ungrammatical. She is only one woman, and a rather petulant, flighty, childish one at that. Her own erstwhile would-be son-in-law says she's extremely self-centred, only goes to church a few times a year, can't really hunt, usually leaves her children to fend for themselves (that's obvious--why else did Bristol get pregnant?) and just generally full of shit. A fact which it didn't take his confessions to prove to me. She went to a different college practically every semester; it's a wonder she graduated. Her recent speech in China got walked out on by all those expecting better! This is "successful"?

Oh yeah, and her marriage is constantly in trouble. She only sees the First Dude as often as is necessary to put in appearances--same as with her children, who keep getting farmed out when they're not being left in Bristol's charge. This is "strong morals"? ROFLMAO. Epic fail.

Can't wait to see that book hit the remainder table...which it will. But I have no interest in reading it. It's a scandal that trees will be killed for such a pack of lies.

jj said...

Must be a pretty high-quality book, the ghost writer ralphed it up in about 2 days.

And why not? Palin talks in Lorem Ipsum, might as well write her book that way.

fern hill said...

Wow. According to Andrew Sullivan, Vincent is a virulent homophobe.

Anonymous said...

Smugness and conceit are not virtues.

You people are many of you are raising 5 children while being a successful governor?

I get a kick out of Bina calling her childish, here's a women that every other word she spouts is a swear.


deBeauxOs said...

Still reeling from the solid trouncing he got at unrepentant old hippie, "Jasper" deigns to proffer self-righteous gems at DAMMIT JANET!

fern hill said...

Hiya, Jasper. I've already axed a troll today. Step right up.

'Successful governor'. Right. She QUIT. 'Splain please how quittiness = successful.

Then (maybe), we'll talk.

jj said...

Jasper, if you're not careful fern hlll's gonna hit you with the ban hammer. Be good.

Anonymous said...


She quit because all of the phoney lawsuits against her. She has to pay her legal bills somehow, why not write a book? Money doesn't grow on trees, despite what liberals think.

fern hill said...

I do love all Anonymouses. Mice. Whatever.

Hop over here, then come back and tell us how quittiness = successful.

We are holding collective breath.

Bina said...

Oh look, Jasper the stupid cyberstalker thinks he's anonymous. Wait till I do an IP trace on you, my pretty...(evil cackle)

BTW, those "phony lawsuits" you mention pertain to ETHICS VIOLATIONS. That's the real reason she made herself scarce...that, and plain old greed and stupidity. She's not competent even to raise her own children, much less govern a state or write a book about it all.

And $7 million for this piece of crap sure sounds like money growing on (massacred for nothing!) trees to me. Wingnut welfare, gotta love it!

Anonymous said...


Envy is not a virtue. Is that whats making you so upset? You wish you were Sarah Palin?


fern hill said...

Jasper is obsessed with our 'virtues'. Quelle surprise, coming from a catlick.

I love the conservatard meme that women hate Palin because they are envious of her. Yah, like I want to be an international laughing stock.

deBeauxOs said...

What a boring and predictable troll Jasper is.

Bina said...

Assper, nobody ENVIES anyone here. What's to envy about a twit with fake hair and fake values, who can't even write her own books and is forever quitting any job that demands actual work of her?

We do, however, find it pathetic that anyone would give this woman money for anything, let alone so damn much of it. The fact that you would probably buy her worthless book is pathetic, too. We laugh at her, and you, for making such asses of yourselves. You're very entertaining, in your own stupid way--but that doesn't mean we don't also want you both to vanish back into the obscurity from whence you came. In fact, we'd prefer the latter.

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