Saturday, 19 September 2009

From the frying pan into the fire.

As always in the ReformaTories a.k.a. Regressive Conservatives' parallel universe, reason and logic are mere signposts on the road less traveled.

We find out from
Canadian Cynic: Comedy writers to high alert! that Cheryl Gallant may replace Helena Guergis as the Minister of State for Status of Women Canada. We wrote about R.E.A.L. women's vendetta against her.

Cheryl Gallant is known to be, among many regressively conservative colleagues, as one of the most fundamentally religious and consequently
anti-feminist and homophobic.

It would appear that Stevie was not amused by the groundswell and grassroots response to his comments about left-wing fringe groups. Mr Grudgie-Pants may think that appointing Gallant to this post will placate his party's rightwing base but this strategy cranks up the declaration of hostility on his side. We will continue to pay close attention to the machinations of Stevie and his Harpocrites.


fern hill said...

CC is dead right. Pure comedy gold. And LOTS of it. :D

Bring her on!

Bina said...

For however long this one lasts. Knowing her tendency to squick out when faced with media lights and cameras...not very!

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