Monday, 17 August 2009

The US is doomed.

The US is fucked and if we don't pay attention, the HarperCons will take us down that path.

When the search term "religious zealot" is googled, DAMMIT JANET! is among the top results because at our blog, we post a lot of stuff about wacky rightwingnutter fundamentalist religiously deranged conservative ideologues.

this guy is not funny. His hatred is genuine, the post crackles with it. He doesn't grasp the difference between a person of faith and a religious zealot.

A person of faith is strengthened by prayer and approaches communication with a divine spirit with humility.

A religious zealot is reinforced by the dictates of religious dogma and is arrogantly confident that God will give him what his prayer demands.

Frightening, is it not? Canadian and US rightwing conservatives keep pointing at fundamentalist muslims as the source of all evil. They should look in the mirror for the enemies they warn will destroy the countries they claim to love. They are willfully blind to their own destructive malevolence.

Many if not most of the strident religious zealots and demagogues are motivated by greed. It is the main feature of their prayers. Meretriciousness. They want the money, they want the stuff and the status it gives them. It elevates the successful from the foot-soldiers, the schmucks who will provide whatever is left of their savings to support the lifestyle of their religious and political zealot leaders.

Sure, we can laugh at the raw, naked evidence of the venality they attempt to disguise with their Family Values©™, Save The Fetus©™, Purity Balls©™ and so forth, agenda.

But we must take the harm rightwing christian religious zealots do seriously, as our friends and colleagues at the
Religious Right Alert do. Rightwing fundamentalist christian religious zealots and their venal political ideologues are the forces of destruction. They are effectively anti-christ because every thing they do is motivated by a depraved reversal of the golden rule: Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

The platinum rule of rightwing christian religious zealots is: Do unto your opponents the harm that you fear they could do onto you.

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