Monday, 17 August 2009

Cue the shriEEEkkking

and pearl-clutching from the usual rightwing xenophobic reactionary bloggers who will be asking "Where are the feminists?" any minute now.
A spurned ex-wife started a fire at the second marriage of her former husband which killed 43 women and children, according to police sources in Kuwait. Maids saw the woman, 23, pouring petrol over the marquee in which the women's celebration was taking place in a town west of Kuwait City. She was later arrested and made an immediate confession saying she was upset over her "bad treatment" from the groom, who had divorced her.
The English-language Kuwait Times said the arsonist was arrested after witnesses said they had seen a woman setting the tent on fire using kerosene-soaked rags. The new bride was uninjured but her mother and sister were killed, the paper reported, citing an unnamed source. Kuwaitis celebrate weddings in separate parties for men and women, with children attending the women's event. In tribal regions the parties are often held in tents, a custom rooted in the country's nomadic heritage.
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Oh, and the rightwingnuts will somehow interpret this heinous criminal action as proof that women are inherently more evil than men. Which then justifies in their view, all fundamentalist patriarchal religious ideologies. Women's reproductive capacities must be controlled, women must be forced to breed, women must be kept in domestic servitude and women must obey the rules of God the Father. The women who dare evade or challenge male authority must be punished. Only men can stop the abomination and great evil that women can do. See what that woman did? Oh and by the way she's a muslim too!

I'm taking bets on who will lead the charge. Kathy Shaidle? Mark Steyn? Dodo?


fern hill said...

It's the patriarchy. Simply put, patriarchy drives everybody nuts.

I dunno. Maybe I've reached some kinda Scientologist 'clear' level.

It's that simple. Patriarchy sux.

deBeauxOs said...

I'm pointing this out, not for the purpose of excusing or absolving the crime this woman committed, but the design of the tent and its location (between two buildings) made it difficult to evacuate, and close to impossible for emergency vehicles to reach.

The arsonist set fire to the tent. But the desultory manner in which the tent was provided and set up was a factor in large number of deaths.

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