Friday 17 July 2009

Want an abortion in Ohio. . . ?

Get the sperminator's written consent.

No shit. A panty-sniffing state representative in Ohio has re-introduced legislation he cooked up two years ago. Not only must a woman get permission, there are criminal penalties for failing to.
"Providing a false biological father would be a first-degree misdemeanor the first time, which means not more than six months and jail, and a maximum $1,000 fine," Adams said. "And on the second occasion, providing false information would be considered a fifth-degree felony."

But no, it's not about controlling slutty women, notatallatall.

Dig this:
Adams told the newspaper that, in cases when the mother does not know the identity of the father, the abortion would be prohibited.

Here are some bits from a story on the original bill from July 2007:
As written, the bill would ban women from seeking an abortion without written consent from the father of the fetus. In cases where the identity of the father is unknown, women would be required to submit a list of possible fathers. The physician would be forced to conduct a paternity test from the provided list and then seek paternal permission to abort. . . .

With the proposal, men would be guaranteed that voice under penalty of law. First time violators would by tried for abortion fraud, a first degree misdemeanor. The same would be the case for men who falsely claim to be fathers and for medical workers who knowingly perform an abortion without paternal consent.

In addition, women would be required to present a police report in order to prove a pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

Words fail.


Alison said...

This will not end until such conditions exist that matrilineality becomes the norm.

YL said...

What happens in case of rape and they don't know who the rapist is? That part certainly doesn't make sense.

deBeauxOs said...

ah-ha! You see the problem, don't you?

Even if it's an acquaintance rape, which occurs in 4 out of 5 sexual assaults, the woman MUST report it to police to get an abortion, even if she doesn't want to press charges.

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