Friday, 17 July 2009

O'Brien missed the train because of his ego trip.

According to a Radio-Canada news item, somebody in O'Brien's office at the city of Ottawa deemed that this project was unworthy of interest, so much so that the invitation to join with the cities of Québec, Laval, Montréal, Toronto, London and Windsor was not even brought to city council for consideration.

Never mind that the citizens of Ottawa will be forced to pay for the cancellation of the Siemens' contract for the construction of the LRT. O'Brien made that the overweening goal of his campaign, and he effectively killed it when he became mayor.

The process to establish Light Rail Transit in the greater capital region was flawed, but to date the incompetence on display by O'Brien in managing public transportation issues makes, in retrospect, the LRT project seem like a pretty darn good possibility that was sacrificed on the altar of the mayor's MASSIVE ego.

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Kelseigh said...

O'Brien's concept of running the city like a business was flawed from the start. I've never liked the man or how he does things in the least.

My current transit annoyance has to do with recently finding out there's been an age cap placed on student bus passes, in order to save money at the expense of mature students who generally don't have the option of living at home to save those funds. Way to go, guys.

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