Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sarah Palin's 15 minutes more of fame, déjà vu version.

Do not adjust your monitor, change your prescription glasses or swear off drinking hand-sanitizer.

That could be a photograph lifted from the latest issue of Vanity Fair, which features a piece about Sarah Palin that's provoked quite a bit of clucking and feather-plucking within some circles of the Republican Party. From Mother Jones:
Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Todd Purdum's profile in this month's Vanity Fair was a fairly ordinary takedown with only a little in the way of new revelations, but even so it's managed to spark a breathtaking amount of vitriol among Republican operatives.

Bonnie Goldstein reminds us that Purdum produced that controversial article about Bill Clinton last year.

Ah, Vanity Fair. I remember when V.F. was stuffed with advertisements aimed at the glitteratti and the shopaholics. No more. Now it's as skinny as the emaciated jet-setters that are still inexplicably photographed at irrelevant social functions and fêted. Did you know that tanning has come back in style among the rich and idle? Now you know.


Antonia Z said...

Tanning is back?

Must be to show they can still afford to jet off to St Bart's or South Beach while the hoi polloi work in sweatshops.

fern hill said...

Oh, it is so nice so see 'hoi polloi' used properly. But then, Antonia would know, wouldn't she? ;)

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