Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Memories. JJ tweaks a few chords as she recaps the pomp and fury generated by The Fetus©™ fetishists' MASSIVE melt-down around this time last year.

It's been a month now since Dr Tiller was publicly executed during Sunday worship at his church by a rabid anti-abortion fanatic.

The pro-lies crusaders soldier on, a range of christian denominations loosely connected by their misogyny, their homophobia, their persecution complex and their adherence to fundamentalist religious ideology.

The testerical bloggers at SoWrongOrNuts have declared War against everyone who believes in / follows a moral compass that's not been enshrined by the Vatican Taliban. In other news, US president Obama is scheduled to meet the Pope on July 10 after a G-8 meeting in Europe. Carol Marin, a respected career journalist and recipient of numerous prestigious awards wrote about this meeting for the Chicago Sun-Times:

Pro-choice President Obama goes to the Vatican next month to meet pro-life Pope Benedict. "The Vatican has been seeking common ground with Obama, although some American Catholic bishops have been hostile to his administration," the AP reported.

Let's pray that the spirit of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin fills the room ... Bernardin and Obama, despite a deep difference on abortion, shared much: Chicago. A commitment to dialogue. And a belief that common ground can be found even across the most fractured fault lines of faith and belief.

But it's treacherous territory.

A vivid demonstration of why that territory is so fractured and treacherous can be read in Tom Roeser's response to Marin's column.
"Not only is the Sun-Times’ Carol Marin a whimpering, simpering ultra-lefty, she is a hard-eyed propagandist calling herself Catholic who adroitly suffocates the truth. 'Pro-choice President Obama goes to the Vatican next month to meet pro-life Pope Benedict.' Wrong. Obama is not pro-choice. He is the most pro-abort president we have ever had ..."
More in the same loathsome vein follows. Vile pro-lies malevolence festers on in the US. According to the scribes of the shrieeeking hordes however, it's "law-abiding" - let's pause for a moment to let the irony of that sink in - abortion criminalizers who are being victimized, being as their tactics, weapons and intentions are as pure and innocent as The Fetus©™ they fetishize.

Top photo from pollywog.

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