Sunday, 19 April 2009

SHE keeps distorting our words.

Canadian Cynic: You keep using that word. Go read LuLu's post about Blob Blogging Wingnut.

Many of us have had to deal with the ongoing intellectual dishonesty and the meretricious posts and comments of Blob Blogging Wingnut as SHE twists the words of prochoice women to say whatever suits HER abortion-criminalizing agenda.

Some, like Gigi, stubbornly keep commenting in an effort to maintain a voice of reason and logic over in that batshit, rightwingnutty place. Others, like
brebis noire, are ready to give up talking sense in the presence of insanity and abuse.

My own thoughts about Blob Blogging Wingnut is that HER rage is sublimated into the creation of a perfect façade of hearth-loving earth-mother who complies with the dictates of the Catholic Church because it provides safety and shelter from a confusing world. Disobedience and rebellion would mean that SHE'd be on the street, with no visible means of support for her and her three daughters.

HER fear and HER self-hatred run so deep that SHE toadies to the loathsome misogyny of commenter "ken" at her blog and SoCon Or Bust.

SHE is a sad, fearful and angry person.

Update: As much as I know that people like to rubberneck and gawk when quarrels erupt between women, DAMMIT JANET! is not going to make disputes with Blob Blogging Wingnut a staple of our blogging menu. Rumbles of that ongoing shrieeekfest unfortunately has reached our ears.

A few words about the accusations regarding ad hominem attacks. Many weeks ago, I spoke candidly about the circumstances my mother faced back in the 1950s when, in spite of (or perhaps because of) my parents using the Vatican Roulette birth control method, she became pregnant. I wrote about her ambivalence - she spoke to me about that, years later - regarding that event and I contrasted it my joyful and whole-hearted decision to carry my own daughter to term. I ventured the opinion that this ill-timed pregnancy for my mom might have been aborted, if such medical interventions had been legal and available back then. I expressed my support for my mother and reiterated that this choice would have been hers to make.

Blob Blogging Wingnut saw that as a opportunity to proclaim that this was evidence that I did not value my own life as a fetus. Project much, BBW?

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Renee said...

I used to think that being a woman was about learning how to think for myself. How wrong I was! If it wasn't for Ken I wouldn't know what being a real woman was like. He saved me from myself.

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