Saturday, 18 April 2009

Choice for me, not for thee: Part 2

SHE took exception to my calling Sarah Palin a hypocrite. To defend the object of her girl-crush, SHE got the motorized goalposts humming, redefining 'choice' and 'hypocrisy'. (Go read the comments there if you've got a few neurons to waste.)

I want to offer further evidence of fetus fetishists' penchant for 'Choice for me, not for thee'. This is a dandy article by Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada's Joyce Arthur titled 'The only moral abortion is my abortion'. In it, Joyce records anecdotes from abortion providers faced by demands from fetus fetishists for the very procedure they abhor. It's an interesting, if not very surprising read.

A couple of samples:
"My first encounter with this phenomenon came when I was doing a 2-week follow-up at a family planning clinic. The woman's anti-choice values spoke indirectly through her expression and body language. She told me that she had been offended by the other women in the abortion clinic waiting room because they were using abortion as a form of birth control, but her condom had broken so she had no choice! I had real difficulty not pointing out that she did have a choice, and she had made it! Just like the other women in the waiting room." (Physician, Ontario)

"We have anti-choice women in for abortions all the time. Many of them are just naive and ignorant until they find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. Many of them are not malicious. They just haven't given it the proper amount of thought until it completely affects them. They can be judgmental about their friends, family, and other women. Then suddenly they become pregnant. Suddenly they see the truth. That it should only be their own choice. Unfortunately, many also think that somehow they are different than everyone else and they deserve to have an abortion, while no one else does." (Physician, Washington State)

Butbutbut. I'm different! They're sluts but I made a mistake! The condom broke! Waaaah!

What is this called? Oh yeah -- cognitive dissonance. Or, hypocrisy.

BONUS: Wisdom beyond her days from Emma the Embryo.

(Edited to remove childish redirect to fetal porn. SUZY doesn't want traffic from pro-choice blogs, I guess.)


JJ said...

Here's how this story is synthesized in the wingnut mind:
Sarah "fleetingly" has an unspeakably bad thought about abortion -- Sarah does the "right thing" and carries the pregnancy to term -- this is just further proof of Sarah's purity.


fern hill said...

Yeah, well, as you point out at your place, JJ, for such an unswervingly 'pro-life' person to have amnio at all shows a pretty high level of near-choiceyness. Like, don't these people accept whatever Gord sends them?

So, she had the amnio, the doubt, and now she's a fucking saint.


deBeauxOs said...

Good grief, fern. Now you've gone and done it. Twice now Blob Blogging Wingnut has linked us to her shrieeekfest. SHE's on a rampage now, accusing us of pointing out that the choice is a good thing and that is why Gord gave every human being a conscience.

Oh wait, I forgot there for a moment that fundamentalist Catholics like HER don't want no steeenking choice, they would rather have the Vatican tell them what to do.

So when you have no choice, you don't have to take responsibility because blind faith in ecclesiastical doctrine makes it ... irrelevant, I guess?

fern hill said...

Yabbut, dBO, are we getting any hits from HER shrieeeky-linkies? Nah. HER flying monkeys don't need no steeeking other points of view.

sassy said...

I just read her post and all I got from it was the sound of a dog chasing her own tail. BTY, on her sidebar (under comments policy) she mentions non-pro-lifers. Can anyone explain what a non-pro-lifer is? Would it be the same as a non-pro-choicer, or a pro-non-choicer.

I see in the comments section that some of you have tried to expain things logically to her. To be honest, it doesn't seem that she is capable of logic. A non-pro-Copi

JJ said...

fern hill - Believe it or not, you've inspired yet another post at BBW. (What is this, three now?) It's "The fern hill chronicles", a continuing saga.

fern hill said...

Ah, if only we had 'monetarize' in use (WTF is up with that new Blogger feature?), we'd be rich, eh?

Oh. Traffic from BBW? Nope.

JJ said...

Wow, she's blowing her top over there. Any minute now she'll put up another post with 10 fetus pics in it -- that's an easy way to guage her emotional stability, by the number of fetus pictures she posts (generally they fluctuate in inverse proportion to each other).

choice joyce said...

Haha, that's all pretty funny. Btw, I know the providers quoted in my article and can easily get confirmation from them that their stories are accurate.

It should be extremely obvious that the providers are not named to protect them from anti-abortion harassment and violence. Ain't it funny how the harassers and terrorists criticize providers for maintaining anonymity (gee they must be ashamed or have something to hide), when it's the harassers and terrorists who forced providers to stay anonymous to begin with. Hmm, wonder if that falls under the definition of "hypocrisy"? (Whatever that is, I'm just totally confused after reading HER rendition of it.)

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