Friday, 20 November 2020

Deux poids, deux mesures

Some who followed my Twitter _deBeauxOs1_ account may have noticed my prolonged, unsolicited absence from that social media platform.

Yes, kittens. My account was suspended and Twitter has provided no answers to my questions, no grounds for justification to my appeals. It may be restored. But no worry, if you miss my daily injection of bons mots, droll thoughts and vivid excoriation of venal CONjob politicians — do check in here, at DJ!

Sanitary Panels is a political cartoonist who neatly captures the double standard that Facebook and Twitter apply to complaints with regard to content providers who allegedly flout their sacrosanct _Terms of Service_.

Or, as ASaintL and others put it:

Indeed. Why is that?

Infuriating, but I'm not the only person punished according to Zuckerberg's and Jack's pro-Toxic Masculinity and gynophobic, double standards.


Unknown said...

That cartoon is perfect. Twitter is like those school officials who won’t do anything to protect a kid from vicious bullying by a classmate, but will defend the bully when the kid fights back.
—A. St-Laurent

Unknown said...

I FOUND YOU!!! Whew!! This is @blissedoutb and I have been so worried about you. Been thinking of you on the regular, Lady. And I am SO HAPPY to discover you're well. Will check back here to enjoy amazing you. Miss you on Twitter!

deBeauxOs said...

Bonjour my Twitter friends ASaintL and BlissedoutB!
Yes, I am thrilled to be writing blogposts again though I'm very sad not to find you and read you in my Twitter stream as I did before my account was inexplicably locked then suspended. Our badinage was fierce and uplifting.

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