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Religious Groups in Saskatchewan Who Respect Charter Rights

In the "kerfuffle" over the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) attestation, the spin put on by the media and the Conservatives has been astounding. Despite the tons of research done by Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) volunteers, the usual suspects continued to paint it as "ideological coercion" etc.

This from today is typical. Waaah! Thousands of jobs lost to "Liberal forced speech" in Saskatchewan.

So, I decided to have a look. Approved employers for the 2018 CSJ program have been posted by province, then by riding.

The riding is important because MPs get to have final say on who gets what, as ARCC volunteers showed in a searchable PDF with agencies, ridings, MPs, and parties. (Totally ignored by MSM.)

I'm just going by the names of the groups. If they sound "churchy," I've looked further. There are 1363 grants approved, multiples to some like the University of Saskatchewan.

There were lots and lots of First Nations, towns, and villages. Which puts the lie to one of the Conservative claims -- that FNs, towns, and municipalities would not apply.

They did and were successful.

There are 43 successful "religious groups" listed with some repeats, for example, Salvation Army. Saskatchewan, of course, is the home of Andrew Scheer, Ralph Goodale, and Brad Trost.

Here they are by riding.

Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek
MP Kelly Block, Con.
Mennonite Church Saskatchewan - Shekinah Retreat Centre
Mennonite Nursing Homes Inc.
Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine Inc.
Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church, no website
Christian Horizon
Lutheran Early Learning Center Inc

Cypress Hills - Grasslands
MP David Anderson, Con.
The Salvation Army Cypress HIlls-Grasslands

Desnethé-Missinipppi-Churchill River
MP Georgina Jolibois, NDP
St. John Bosco Camp
The Quest at Christopher Lake Baptist Camp and Retreat Centre Inc
Kinasao Lutheran Bible Camp
Okema Society For Christian Development
Meadow Lake Alliance Church
Camp Tapawingo Tamarack Presbytery United Church of Canada

Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan
MP Tom Lukiwski, Con.
The Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp
Christian Horizons Moose Jaw
The Salvation Army
The Alliance Church Moose Jaw
Lutheran Sunset Home of Saskatoon
Kedleston Gospel Camp Inc.

Prince Albert
MP Randy Hoback, Con.
Living Waters Camp
One Hope Canada Stoney Lake Bible Camp
Nipawin Apostolic Church
Anglican Parish of St. David
Youth Farm Bible Camp

MPErin Weir, NDP
CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH NORTH REGINA [caps in original, I'm too lazy to change them]
LOOK! CATHOLICS! Catholic Family Services - Regina
United Church Housing Corporation no website
Rosewood Park Alliance Church Inc.
Westhill Park Baptist Church

MP Andrew Scheer, Con.
Echo Lake Bible Camp Corporation
Saskatchewan Conference - United Church of Canada

MP Ralph Goodale, Lib
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada Inc.

Saskatoon West
MP Sheri Benson, NDP
Carpenter's Church of God Inc.
The Governing Council of the Salvation Army Saskatoon

MP Kevin Waugh, Con.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Saskatoon Inc
Islington United Church no website

MP Brad Trost, Con.
One Hope Ministries of Canada

Souris-Moose Mountain
MP Robert Kitchen, Con.
Estevan Church Of God
One Hope Ministries of Canada - Kenosee Lake Bible Camp
Southeast Saskatchewan Youth for Christ Inc.
Moosomin Baptist Church Inc.

The Twitter thread if you want to cite it is here.

So, far from "thousands" of jobs lost, it looks as if a fair number were created. By Catholics (!), various Protestant sects, including Evangelicals, and Muslims.

Anyone who wants this, feel free to take it, repost it, whatever. Credit would be nice but not necessary.

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Pseudz said...

Does the Attestation then show who among our fellow citizens find it useful to not evolve beyond a Stone-Age rule-book? Political focus is being pursued by people like Trost or Coyne with (your clever word) Martyrgasm as they complain about a reasonable support of the Charter of Rights. What the heck do they find difficult about the Charter of Rights, specifically?

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