Thursday, 13 October 2016

"Pro-woman" Fetus Freaks Support Trump

Out of the bizarre spectacle that is the 2016 US presidential election, the most (darkly) amusing aspect to a reproductive rights blogger is the fetus freaks' unswerving endorsement of the misogynist self-confessed serial sexual assaulter and child-ogler as their man.

Anti-choice groups have worked hard over the past few years to re-brand themselves as pro-woman, like ProWomanProForcedPregnancy, aka the Astroturf Blog of Focus on the Family.

They contend that abortion is bad for women and, as champions of all things womanly, it's their duty to point this out to us benighted broads.

But pro-woman/Pro-Trump is a rather difficult circle to square, yes?

Let's have a look at how they're attempting this feat.

On the matter of the grab-them-by-the-pussy tape:

In a press release yesterday, Newman and his Operation Rescue colleague Cheryl Sullenger—who has spent time in jail for attempting to bomb an abortion clinic—slammed the tape release as a “gutter-level attempt by the Clinton campaign and its cohorts to smear” Trump before declaring that it is in fact Planned Parenthood that is “perhaps the largest abuser of women in the U.S.”

“It is clear that the biggest abusers of women are Hillary Clinton’s friends in the Abortion Cartel. If she is elected, women will suffer even more,” added a quote from Sullenger.
("Abortion Cartel" is a new one on me.)

Right. Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton are the largest abusers of women in the US.

The fetal gore guy, Van Maren, explains at LieShite, under the title The Uncomfortable [boy howdy] Truth about Christian Support for Trump.

Sure, he says, Trump was "pro-abortion" until he needed to pander to fundies saw the light, is an adulterer, has a framed copy of Playboy on his office wall, and "talks about women in ways that no Christian can accept."

And sure, Trump is playing the Xian right for the gang of mooks they are, but Hillary is worse.

Van Maren sums up:
The Left is sure that Trump would end the world as they know it. Christians fear that Clinton would turn the United States of America into a hostile nation for them to live in. And thus, the two sides will never see eye-to-eye.
Because Obama and Clinton are demons.

We look forward to the election's aftermath and the inevitable "unspinning" of the freaks' support for this "uniquely unqualified" candidate.

ADDED: The unspinning has begun. From a new poll.

Trump, however, appears to be shedding support among evangelicals, who are usually a wellspring of support for Republican presidential candidates. Monday's poll showed that Trump had only a 1-point edge over Clinton among people who identified as evangelicals. That’s down from a 12-point advantage for Trump in July.

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