Monday, 19 September 2016

Waaaaah! Grifters Whine about "Prolife" Cheapskates

This is amusing. Fetus-freak grifters complain about anti-choice cheapskates. (Bold mine, italics in original.)

The number of Americans who self-identify as pro-life is very high, and most of them are philanthropic. In fact, about sixty million adults who give to some sort of cause also share a pro-life worldview. However, only about one in six of those generous adults engage financially in efforts to end abortion. And among those who do support the cause monetarily, the estimated contribution per adult is less than one hundred dollars per year.
More whinging:
These ardent supporters of preborn children and their families are apparently not interested in financially supporting efforts to end abortion.
They did a survey to find out why.

The most popular personal reason why a self-identifying abortion opponent does not donate to a pro-life organization is they are not entirely certain their pro-life worldview is correct.
Hee. "Not entirely certain."

More reasons (bold mine, typo in original).

Organization-related reasons for not donating included the perception of pro-life organizations as too extreme, rabid, of [sic] fanatical. Others viewed pro-life organizations as too old-school or out-of-touch, and respondents also reported not finding an organization with which they fully identified, lacking confidence in organization leaders, and lacking passion for the organizations themselves.

But the best reason is actually rather comforting (italic in original).

Curiously, a strong majority of pro-life believers who eschew financial support of pro-life organizations consider children the most important cause to support financially.

Curiously? "Extreme, rabid, fanatical" grifters whose purpose is to shame women who have sex are surprised that saner "pro-life" people prefer to donate their dough to ACTUAL children in need.

"Out of touch"? You betcha.

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Unknown said...

Well, this is refreshing. You know what they say, BS walks but money talks. It would seem all these anti-choicers who claim 'location shouldn't matter!' actually does, when it comes to their pocket books. Ultimately they see more value in supporting children who are born and living vs. coercing women into carrying unwanted pregnancies.

I would love to see what organizations they donated too. Anti-choicer's go mad when you tell them you donate to animal charities and not to them.

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