Monday, 5 September 2016

Fake Clinic Update: Two Fewer In Canada, Irish Health Minister "Sickened"

Crisis pregnancy centres, aka fake clinics, are going through a bit of rough spot.

We reported on Hinton's fake clinic being turned down for a community grant. They'll have to downsize as a result.

In Campbell River, BC, the fake clinic closed down entirely in March.

So did the fake clinic in Prince Edward County, Ontario. (From Facebook.)

And charitable status revoked. (Looking forward to more news like this in upcoming months. Stay tuned.)

Meanwhile in Ireland, another undercover investigation reveals that -- surprise! -- fake clinics there tell the same bullshit lies.

But in a refreshing twist, Ireland's Health Minister appears to give a damn.

Health Minister Simon Harris says he's very "extraordinarily concerned" and "a bit sickened" by the reports. He says women in Ireland are entitled to factual and accurate information, and he's going to look into whether regulating the sector is an option for him.

Wouldn't it be grand if health ministers in Canada paid any attention to the lying liars and the misinformation and manipulation they spew?

h/t again to Kathy Dawson for the closures news


Beijing York said...

Nice to hear some good news, Fern.

fern hill said...

It is, isn't it? I think the fetus fetishists sense their days are numbered. :)

Francesca Scalzo said...

What is the difference between a crisis pregnancy clinic and crisis pregnancy centre?

fern hill said...

Do you exist to ask stupid questions?

Francesca Scalzo said...

So I assume you are using the terms interchangeably?

fern hill said...

Do you have a point you'd like to make? Or do you intend to keep asking disengenuous questions? Because it's getting tedious.

Francesca Scalzo said...

I am trying to understand your different uses of crisis pergnancy centres and crisis pregnancy clinics. Can I assume you are referring to the same thing?

fern hill said...

I use "fake clinics" (my term) and "crisis pregnancy centres (their term)."

Francesca Scalzo said...

Why do you call them clinics when they call themselves centres?

fern hill said...

For gawd's sake, get a clue. If you have nothing to contribute but dipshit questions, this is your last appearance here.

Unknown said...

Gosh o golly. Nooobody would evvvver conflate centre with clinic when the occupants are giving 'medical' advice and breathlessly going on about lyin' for jeezus psuedo science.
But hey, if your 'innocent' lawyerly gotcha logic question spins on how they're centres and not clinics, then I guess pregnant women looking for options don't need to darken their doors EVAH.
But since you're 99percent likely a do this for yocks trololol it doesn't matter what the real situation is anyway.

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