Saturday, 13 June 2015

Big Abortion News from US and Ireland

Two big stories on abortion in the past week.

An exclusive AP survey reports that abortion rates in the US are down by about 12% overall since 2010, in nearly every state.

Both sides are claiming victory, of course.
Anti-abortion activists say it’s a vindication for restricting access to abortion. Reproductive-rights advocates say it’s all about expanded access to contraception. A new survey from the Associated Press finds abortion rates are down across America and – as is almost always the case in debates over abortion – the truth is more complicated than that.
The odd thing, or perhaps not, is that rates fell both in states that enacted more restrictive laws and those that did not.

Trends like these are complicated with many factors contributing: contraception use, cost, and accessibility; the economy; sex education; abortion accessibility, and so on.

But one thing is clear: it is NOT because, as fetus freaks claim, that women are "choosing life."

How do can we be so sure of that?

Duh. Because the birth rate is not only not rising, it's falling too.
Elizabeth Ananat, an associate professor of economics at Duke University who studies the economics of fertility, said the data also contradicts the notion that more women are rejecting abortion and choosing to stay pregnant. “If women’s attitudes were really shifting, we should see the birth rate go up,” she says. “Instead, birth rates are falling, too.”

But, hey, don't let facts get in the way of your delusion, zygote zealots. (Not that they ever do.)

In the other big news, Amnesty International released a report slamming Ireland's abortion law.
Irish abortion law treats women and girls like “child-bearing vessels” and endangers their lives and their health when pregnant, Amnesty International has said.
You can read the whole report (PDF), called "She is not a criminal," here.

DJ! has had much to say about Ireland over the years.

Maybe now that equal marriage is about to become legal there, Irish women will get some respect too.

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