Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hate Gets Smoked by #Prolove

Since they were in the general nabe (PEI), the Ontario-based fetus-fetishist gang "Show the Faked-Up Gory Fetus Pr0n Pix" thought they'd mosey over to Halifax to spread some hate and disgust.

But about a hundred young Haligonians were ready for them.

Media coverage.

Blogger coverage with an update.

UPDATE: The repulsive image brigade moved on to Fredericton this afternoon, almost certainly oblivious to the damage they’ve done their cause — and to how much the charming response of young Halifax feminists multiplied that damage.

Protest groups of all kinds could learn a lot from this exchange: The purveyors of fear got smoked.

Regular readers of DJ! know that our taste here runs to mockery and insults, but this is lovely and seemingly very effective.

May such cleverness and inclusiveness greet the haters wherever they turn up.

Check out the hashtag #prolove for more pictures and fun.

ADDED: More media with video of organizer Allison Sparling.

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Scotian said...

Way to go my fellow Haligonians!

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