Friday 9 May 2014

2014 March for Lies: Anti-Choice Inflation

Yesterday, I suggested that the fetus fetishists have set their sights lower (targetting a particular method of abortion rather than the whole caboodle) for the annual March of the Feti because they know they are losing.

Let's have a look at attendance numbers for the past few years. This is a dodgy business, as anybody can and does claim any old number they pull out of their asses. And it's even dodgier dealing with the lying liars of the forced pregnancy industry who practice an art I call "anti-choice inflation," in which every year has to outdo the year before.

Going back to 2011, organizers claimed 15,000 attendees. Our pal Buckets (where the heck is Buckets anyway?) used some mathy-sciencey stuff to come up with 8,000. A very respectable number, everyone agrees.

In 2012, organizers counted 19,500 (note anti-choice inflation), while the RCMP put the number at 10,000.

Last year was notable for a wider than usual range. Organizers weaselled with "up to 25,000," RCMP said 12,000, and in a cruel knock to the nads from an erstwhile ally, QMI Agency via Sun News sniffed and cited 5,000.

This year, RCMP estimated the crowd at between 6,000 and 8,000. CBC Radio pegged it at 6,000. (I was scuppered in trying to do any guesstimation myself. The bloody Hill Cam seemed to be stuck on March 22.)

On Twitter, seasoned observers tossed figures around, but all agreed that the gang was diminished.

Lifeshite, citing whathisname who personally clicks his clicker for each body he sees, claimed 23,000.

Note the small climb-down from the "up to 25,000" of the year before.

What I find interesting: not only is the crowd shrinking year by year, but anti-choice inflation remains relentless. From fantasy numbers that doubled supposedly neutral observations back in 2011, they are now claiming a total that is nearly FOUR times what people's eyeballs tell them.

Not only do bunfest promoters go with the bigger and bigger meme, they always trumpet The Youth.

Well, that's not difficult when one of your main supporters, the Vatican Taliban and its Ontario-taxpayer funded schools, can load bunches of kids onto busses for a day-trip to the capital.

It has long been rumoured that tax-payers are actually covering bussing costs. There was one report last year that $3,000 of our bucks were spent on the holy hootenanny, and this year went after the goods.

Thousands of people gathered on Parliament Hill, Thursday, for the annual March For Life anti-abortion rally, many of them Catholic high school students whose transportation costs were covered by publicly-funded school boards. contacted all 29 English Catholic school boards in Ontario to ask whether students were attending and who was footing the bill. In at least three cases, school boards fully or partly funded the cost of buses transporting students to the rally. In other cases, students attended the rally with funding coming from either fundraising or local religious organizations.
You gotta wonder how the numbers could be contracting when Da Bosses can literally command the presence of a wodge of young bodies.

We look forward to next year with even more diminished attendance and even more inflated claims.

Because. . . reality.


JJ said...

"You gotta wonder how the numbers could be contracting when Da Bosses can literally command the presence of a wodge of young bodies."

They peel off the buses. fake ID in hand, head straight for the nearest BAR and then it's partay-partay. To assuage their guilt, they raise a few to the fetus.
It's all planned out, weeks beforehand...

fern hill said...

That's sure as hell what I'd do.

Next year, in addition to checking on who's paying for buses, intrepid reporters should stake out nearby bars and eavesdrop.

Pseudz said...

Flexible arithmetic is de riguer in Ottawa-the-nation's-capital. Elastic accounting is so prevalent on the Hill (vis. F35 prices or pipe-line job creation) that I wonder who they can possibly be talking to. Stuffing 10 pounds of bullshit into a support ankle-sock has gotta be intended to create a paper trail for later harvest. Post-Gutenberg but pre-Internet . . . thoroughly offensive.

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