Saturday, 29 March 2014

Why PM's Security Costs Have Doubled

So nobody does this.

The cost of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s RCMP personal security team has more than doubled since he took office, according to records obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

RCMP numbers, obtained by the Citizen under access to information legislation, show the annual operating budget of the Prime Minister Protection Detail (PMPD) has increased 122 per cent between 2006 and 2014 — to almost $20 million annually.

There is a mightily growing number of Canadians who would love to "snatch him bald-headed."

I'm one.


ron wilton said...

Funny that we spend so much money 'protecting' him from us, when the boys in blue should be protecting us all from him.

Pseudz said...

Do you suppose that the increase was Steve's idea or was it recommended by the PMPD? Somebody said ,"If they did to me, what I'm doing to them, there'd hafta be a hurt - - PMSH needs a bigger posse." Maybe it's another "We're important!" wank from the boyos in the PMO. That would be too ironic - - they're the most 'credible threat' in the country.

fern hill said...

@Pseudz: Maybe members of PMPD thought: Hey, I wanna be a totally unqualified ambassador too.

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