Wednesday 20 November 2013

Just so you know

It turns out that -- surprise! -- George Zimmermann really does use 911 calls as a deliberate tactic to obfuscate his violent tendencies.

It just shocked me at the time, thoroughly shocked me, at how openly a huge segment of the Internet commentariat was willing to indulge even the barest whisper that Trayvon Martin might match some kind of template of the "young buck" for whose existence and loss thereof, we naturally should have no sympathy.

I know, I've been on the intertoobz for a long time and should know better. But there you are. In this case, what we saw is what we got.


deBeauxOs said...

Interesting. I had a conversation with Julie Lalonde, an Ottawa activist extraordinaire on reproductive justice and prevention sexual assault, on this very phenomenon.

Predators are becoming wily; anticipating how they will defend themselves if complaints are filed and charges made, they pre-emptively try to discredit their victims' testimony or allegations.

Classic bully tactic, refined as a legal bludgeon.

Beijing York said...

It's terrifying to think so much premeditation went into Trayvon's murder. He was literally out to kill - not just overtaken by racist fear and violent temper.

So who dropped the ball in bringing this to light during the trial? For some reason I'm having trouble loading the Salon article.

Námo Mandos said...

This particular episode wasn't before the trial, it appears to be a recent arrest. However, it's clear that the prosecution dropped other balls before the trial, because they had to be browbeaten into doing it in the first place.

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