Thursday 7 November 2013

Dear Liberal Party of Canada: the 1990s are over.

Justin Trudeau's campaign organizers seem to be surprisingly unaware that we are now in the 21st century.  The worst excesses of the Clinton years, as exemplified by the _Sex in the City_ TV series and atrocious movies are sooo over.

Perhaps someone on his team thought this was deliciously ironic and oh-so-vintage coy?

I'm being generous here.

I have yet to read one tweet from a woman of any generation or any political stripe who doesn't find the above regressive, patronizing and offensive.

It's not the worst recent display of oblivious hipster arrogance ever but it comes close. 

I could *storify* the varied clever responses and legitimate criticism to this MASSIVE marketing failure but I would invariably leave out some excellent contributions.  So I encourage you to seek out those winning pithy and witty tweets.  And you may certainly add links to your favourite ones in our comments thread!

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Niles said...

squints. Bad design aside, does it really say 'what's your favorite virtue?'

....virtue? ...virtue??

Reminds me of the joke, "woman's virtue is man's greatest invention."

At least now I have a better idea what the mockery on the tweeter is all about.

What's the biggest issue facing women? Hrmmm. Usually men in power telling them their issues are segregatable..

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