Friday, 18 October 2013

Fetus Fetishists' Tricksiness

Here at DJ! we have (intermittently) followed the career of Arch Fetish Fetishist and Chief Persecutor of Dr George Tiller, Phill Kline.

It is with great satisfaction that we report today that Phill has had his legal nads nipped.
The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday suspended the law license of former state Attorney General Phill Kline for misconduct in connection with his prosecution of abortion providers, including the late George Tiller.

The court unanimously found that Kline’s “overzealous advocacy” and “improper motives” led to “significant and numerous” violations of professional conduct, which the court deemed “particularly troubling in light of his service as the chief prosecuting attorney for this state and its most populous county.”

Kline, whom Operation Rescue named “Man of the Year” in 2006, prosecuted cases involving Planned Parenthood and Tiller, who was one of the country’s few remaining late-term abortion providers before he was murdered by an antiabortion activist in 2009.

Shortly after being elected in 2002, Kline began an investigation into Tiller’s clinic, eventually obtaining patients’ personal medical records. Many of these documents were later leaked to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, though Kline denied he was the source of the leak.

The case against Tiller was eventually thrown out by the Kansas Supreme Court.
Regular readers may remember that we ascribe a great deal of the blame for Dr Tiller's assassination to Bill O'Reilly, armed by Phill Kline.


In other news of fetus fetishist tricksiness, the loophole the Fetal Gore Porn Gang, who have been plaguing the good citizens of Hamilton, Ontario, for the past month, is revealed.

Officials can't nab them for interfering with city property when they hang their gory banners because:
But protesters aren’t attaching the banner to any city property — instead, they’re tying the banner to their bodies and standing next to the edge of the overpass. That technicality ties the city’s hands, says Ward 7 Coun. Scott Duvall.

“We were hoping to get them on the sign by-law, but they are not hanging these signs on public property, they are attaching the signs to their bodies,” Duvall told CBC Hamilton.

“I have received many phone calls and emails on this. I have contacted our bylaw staff and they have stated to me there is nothing they can do.”
Anti-choicers must lie and cheat because there is no logic or sanity to their 'arguments'.

And today we have two splendid examples of it.

(As if any more were needed.)


Niles said...

They're only in the system to take it down and replace it with their favorite leader's brand of theocracy. They, of course, will do nothing but prosper in the new order. Because, they're special, unlike the wicked people.

Anonymous said...

Every now and then a pocket of sanity in the U.S. appears.
Too bad they didn't show up sooner before a great man was killed.
As for the people of the fetus, cities and police are throwing up their hands in frustration that none of their bylaws can stop this dangerous practice of dangling huge banners over overpasses on busy roads and distracting drivers. Maybe it's time to tweak a bylaw or two. There are sign bylaws in place that could be amended to include this new and twisted practice.

e.a.f. said...

May Dr. Tiller rest in peace and Phill Klien rot in hell while he is still on this earth.

At least some one saw that justice was done. It may not deter the fetus fetishers but it does send a message.

Alison said...

Koch brothers poured tens of millions of dollars into anti-choice movement

Freedom Partners awarded more than $236 million in grants to anti-choice groups and other far-right causes since its inception in November of 2011

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