Saturday, 14 September 2013

Negative Option Fetus Fetishizing

I get junk mail. You get junk mail. We all get junk mail. In my apartment building there is a recycling bucket right under the mailboxes for quick and easy disposal.

So when a pro-choice woman recently got something from Swift Current & District Pro Life, she wondered how they got her name and opened the envelope looking for a clue.

Good thing she did. Look what the deceptive shits are up to now (PDF).

For the click-averse, the letter starts out 'Dear Fellow Christians', then explains that when the organization interacts with government types, the government types want to know how many people it represents.

It sounds like the government types haven't been very impressed with Swift Current's fetus fetishist population, because some bright light has come up with a plan to inflate increase those numbers.

They intend to create a 'Pro Life Supporters Identification Index'.

And look how they're going to count up their 'supporters'.
With this in mind we want you to know that we will be counting you among our "life supporters" as far as numbers go when interacting with elected officials.

If you wish not to be counted as a Pro Life supporters, please kindly call, e-mail or send us a letter stating that you wish not to be counted in our supporting life index and we will remove your name.
Canadians of a certain age will remember the furor caused by a certain cable company *cough* Rogers *cough* when it tried to institute a similar negative option billing scheme.

Their plan was just like the Swifties' -- we are going to bill you/count you as a fetus fetishist unless you explicitly tell us not to.

In fact, Canadians were sooooo pissed that the practice was made illegal*.

Clearly, the Swifties figured what's good for avaricious cable companies is good enough for duplicitous forced birthers.

So, if you got junk mail from the Swift Current & District Pro Life gang and tossed it, congratulations, you are now a Pro Lie Supporter.

If this offends/enrages/disgusts you, call them -- 306-773-0741 -- and ask them (nicely, of course) to take your name off their fucking list.

I guess we should all be on the lookout for this new stunt. And all government types should immediately discount any numbers offered by these lying liars.

* Negative option billing is not illegal in all cases. Check the link.

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