Friday, 12 July 2013

Paging Barbara Kay to the Apologist's Phone in the Lobby

While perusing the confundity around 'advocacy' group Men's Rights Edmonton (An organization incestuously intersected with the American "A Voice for Men" anti-woman collective of sites)  and their brave slut-shaming campaign this last week, I came across AVFM comments rooting for conservative columnist Barbara Kay to step into the media fray on the behalf of their 'cause'.

Realizing I was likely well behind the times on this and being of  a morbidly curious bent, I googled off to find out what raised such hopes in the minds of a crowd already excited by their raised profile.

It looks like they have good reason to believe Ms. Kay is their media BFF but she's not their only ally at The National Post.

The CAFE organization she promotes in the article is also intersected informally with AVFM as cited by, is recruiting on campuses across Canada (often by their lesser known and less PR friendly subset,  "Mens Issues Awareness" or...MIA...geddit? geddit?) and has had their asserted mandate compared to their actions by critics .

A recurring point in articles criticizing CAFE-hosted events is that they do draw in men seeking assistance in men's issues but that the selling point 'feminism is-what-has-buggered-men-over zero-sum game theory' complete with misleading claims of fact, manages to miss the men's liberation barn by several kilometers.

It also seems the MRA gateway meme preferred even by lecturers at CAFE events, is women's perfidious destruction of men's lives with false sexual assault accusations, so MREdmonton appears to be simply parroting that the best consciousness-raising idea for men is pro-actively 'gaslighting' accusers and any who might take their part.

Just as an aside...

I would like to know, does this 'regret' perfidy extend to gay/bi/straight men(and boys) making sexual assault accusations against men or are gay/bi/straight men inherently honest bcuz XY trump, where women of any stripe are not?  Where do transgender men identifying as straight/gay fit into that?  What about hetero cis-men/transgender men and women/lesbian/bi women accusing women of sexual assault? Are they also perfidious miscreants out to ruin women's lives?

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