Saturday 27 July 2013

Huh. Catholic News Agency More Responsible than G&M & BBC

Who woulda thunk?

From Catholic News Agency.

Headline: Abortion rights activists vandalize cathedral in Chile

Santiago, Chile, Jul 26, 2013 / 04:31 pm (CNA).- Abortion activists interrupted Mass at the Cathedral of the Chilean capital Santiago the evening of July 25, destroying confessionals and defaming several side altars with blasphemous graffiti.

From the Globe and Mail.

Headline: Pro-abortion demonstrators vandalize Chile cathedral

From BBC.

Headline: Santiago cathedral closed after Chile abortion protest
The Catholic cathedral in the Chilean capital Santiago is to remain closed for five days after it was vandalised by pro-abortion activists on Thursday.
G&M credits AP, BBC credits no one but uses the same facts and language.

Fairer, more accurate coverage from the Catholic News Agency.

Fer hevvins' sake, MSM, 'pro-abortion' is used only by anti-choicers. It should never appear in your pages unless it is a direct quote from a fetus fetishist.

I just commented at the Globe, but it wouldn't accept a link to the CNA story. WTF?

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