Thursday 6 June 2013

Rathgeber and Warawa Sitting in a Tree

Interesting development in the House of Commons.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has suffered another blow as a Tory MP quit the Conservative caucus Wednesday night, decrying the Conservatives’ lack of progress on open government.

Alberta MP Brent Rathgeber made public his decision on Twitter, saying he had informed the board of directors for his riding association and the Speaker of the Commons that he had resigned from the Conservative caucus.

“My decision to resign from the Caucus is because of the Government’s lack of commitment to transparency and open government,” he announced on Twitter.

Rathgeber was first elected MP for the Edmonton-St. Albert riding in 2008 and then re-elected in 2011.
Immediately-- and rather hilariously -- there was a call for Rathgeber to step down from the PMO.
Harper’s office reacted quickly, saying that Rathgeber should face the voters again.

“The people of Edmonton-St. Albert elected a Conservative member of Parliament. Mr. Rathgeber should resign and run in a byelection,” Harper aide Andrew MacDougall said in his own Twitter posting.

This was not the position the Conservatives took, however, when former Liberal MPs David Emerson, Wajid Khan and Joe Comuzzi defected to the government party over the past few years.
Frankly, DJ! doesn't give a rat's ass over one Contempt Party member's finding his 'nads, but there was this intriguing -- and quick -- reaction.

Yep, that's our Mark Warawa, he of Warawa's Wank and he who got miffed enough at his own party to at least float the notion of a Backbench Spring.

Now that he has seen how it's done, might he follow Rathgeber's trailblazing lead and quit the party?

And might some of the one hundred anti-choice CON MPs join him?

We live in hope of an implosion.

ADDED: Rathgeber in his own words.

UPDATE: List of eight CONs who have 'bucked' the party. How many do they need to lose to get back into minority status? Six? Come on, boys, just how much do you care about those fetuses?


Anonymous said...

wow. His statement on his MP website (your link) is really revealing. Still don't love the man, but that was gutsy. - 900ft j

Beijing York said...

I love the "Backbench Spring". Make it so, please :-)

e.a.f. said...

Harper and his slimers think the guy should resign because people voted for a Conservative????

A lot of Canadian voted for the conservatives because Harper promised open, transparent government and a promise to reform the senate.

he didn't deliver on that so when is he going to resign.

I'm waiting???

the fetus fetish guys do have their fetish but they have a thing about their salaries and benefits also. If they did as suggested, they might have to run for re election adn given the mood of the country, they might not get their jobs back.

choice joyce said...

So why is he standing ALONE and not with the Christian Heritage Party? That would be kinda fun, we could have a field day shining a light on their Dark Age positions.

Also, there's actually 114 anti-choice Cons - well 113 now. You were looking at an earlier version of the list, here's the update:

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