Saturday, 2 March 2013

DJ!'s Fix for the Broken News Biz

It may well be as we suggested earlier that the Corrupt Party government-paid army of hacks were too busy with other ongoing trainwrecks to try to spin Tom Flanagan back out of the hole he'd pitched himself into.

But his brethren and sistren in the media have rallied. I'm not going to link -- you can find them. They have twisted themselves into various unattractive pretzels to find grounds on which to defend or mitigate his faceplant.

One thing they have in common though was noticed by our pal trapdinawrpool.

Things get almost weepy at Pandering and Pissing Contests.

Dammit! Don't we proles get it that it's the pundits' job to end people's careers?

Another thing that can drive manly journos (of all genders) to weepy despair is the financial state of their biz.

I have a modest proposal. Fire all the opinionators. Keep the good reporters who actually ferret out what our overlords don't want us to know.

And leave the punditting to thoughtful -- and free -- bloggers like kirbycairo.

Win-win! More funding for real reporters, less noxious bloviating in the media.

Besides, it's not like the opinionators couldn't find other work worthy of their talents and ethics.


deBeauxOs said...

Ugh. I tried, but couldn't watch that P&P segment - talk about trivial tedious blah-blah.

Pseudz said...

Where was Tom when the CpC was handing out the Teflon deodorants. The rest of the HarperCons keep bobbing back up after every flush. But Tom's not with 'em, so he must be with the . . .

Jymn said...

Why aren't you guys all over the progressive support for Tom Flanagan. If Let Freedom Rain still existed, this would be news.

deBeauxOs said...

WTF, really? Where? All that I've seen are right-wing folks and CPC kool-aid drinkers like Stephen Taylor desperately trying to distance themselves from Flanagan.

Some libertarian ideologues have tried to blame the FN media who asked the question at the Lethbridge event, for allegedly "setting up" Flanagan.

I'm surprised. Which progressives are supporting him?

Anonymous said...

Um, Jymn, that is a tongue-in-cheek question, is it not?

And holy fuck, that Power & Politics segment is appalling! It's like they're at the foot of St. Tom Flanaghan or something! I can't watch the rest of it, either!

Pale said...

The pundits are all in defense mode.

He didnt mean that!

thumbs down.
Yes, he did mean that.

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