Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hell must have frozen over...

Today the National Post published a rational, factual "full comment" regarding Canada's status quo on abortion.

Read Jesse Kline's piece.  It's fair, correct, reasonable.

It even has a quote from Ralph Klein which, one might hope, would appease the Fetus Lobby.

Abortion — to borrow a phrase from Ralph Klein — is best left as “a matter between a woman, her doctor and her God.”
The shriEEEking: But what about the gawdless sluuuts?!?! has begun.

The knuckle-draggers have emerged in full force in the comments. These are the folks who share Jonathan Kay's view on the role of politicians in regulating women's reproductive organs; sadly their mastery of the English language is not quite as impeccable, nor their misogyny quite as discrete.

And to emphasize that point, the National Post chose a photo of a pro-Choice protester at a March for Lies on Parliament Hill that likely corresponds to the image their readers would use to illustrate the fundamentalist religious notion of a gawdless sluuut.

In response, it seems only fair to post a photo of some of the anti-Choice zealots, no?


Sixth Estate said...

Hell didn't freeze over, it's just the universe balancing things out.

Senator Brazeau got arrested for domestic assault today.

Beijing York said...

Double YIPPEE!!!

the regina mom said...

Heh. Speaking of godless sluts... There's a medieval feast here on Tuesday. I'm dressing as a bar wench.

Did I mention that the feast is at a Catholic monastery?

Funny thing is, the monks are not the preachy fundies that these rightwing shrieeeeekers are...

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