Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Procrastination, or Screwing Around with the Blogroll

I just added two blogs to our Blogs We Read list over there on the right.

Quill to the Anvil/Friendly Satirist who today responded to the Toronto Police's advice to pedestrians who don't want to become traffic statistics with 'dress brightly'. The Toronto Police Safety Guide/Dress Code.

The next addition is to correct an unconscionable oversight. Our Twitter pal Stephen Lautens hath a blog called Stephen Lautens' Parking Space. There he publishes his wonderful De-Motivational posters like this most recent one.

In other good news, we are delighted to report that Alison at Creekside has overcome her bout of ennui/disgust/fed-uppedness to resume blogging on Canadian politics. Creekside, of course, has been on our blogroll from the beginning.

One more bit of PSA: There's a blog aggregator just for real progressives (which includes feminists) called Canadian Progressive Voices. Have a look and if you're a blogger consider the good company *ahem* you'd be keeping.


deBeauxOs said...

I love that poster!

fem_progress said...

Added him.

Glad to report I am member of Canadian Progressive Voices.

My blog is not a star, in part because I don't have much time to put on it.

Alison said...

Tah very much for the ta dah!

Very grateful to the dashing Mr.Lautens for publishing link/info on his blog re pic of Front Porch Strategies in Fantino's office during election - Elections Canada's dismissal of same being a big part of ennui/disgust/fed-upedness pout on my part.

Fern : Was lurking your twitter feed. How about Fiasco35?

fern hill said...

Just test-tweeted it. We'll see if it takes off.

So good to have you back.

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