Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fun with Jubilee Medals

Let's see now. Who's more deserving of a Queen's Jubilee medal? A couple of convicted serial abortion clinic harassers -- one of whom was actually IN JAIL at the time, the other quickly following her AGAIN -- or a dedicated, indefatigable public servant serially harassed by his government employer?

Senator Colin Kenny was the one scheduled to hand out the silverware Monday afternoon to Page, arguing the budget watchdog deserved the recognition for “his dogged and courageous pursuit of information on behalf of all Canadians.”

“Mr. Page has demonstrated remarkable determination to pursue his mandate without fear or favour, despite repeated attempts to define his role in a way too narrow to be of full benefit to Canadians, despite bureaucratic intransigence, and despite financial constraints that have been placed on his office that have reduced his capacity to investigate,” a statement from Kenny’s office reads.
Is it wrong of me to pray that some ballsy MP (each has 30 medals to give out to anyone they please) will kick up this shit-storm?


Pseudz said...

Kevin Page , yes. And Linda Keen. And Munir Sheikh, Peter Tinsley, Paul Kennedy, Richard Colvin and Louise Arbour, too. I'd like to give 'm each a handful of medals. Who's the mouthpiece for the vets? Him too.

But this isn't quite it yet. The big deal is the divided Left - that's the fixable route being rid of these Harper-jackals. Anything else is just tweeking.

Anonymous said...

Right. And I bet you think that criminal serial abortionist Henry Morgentaler deserved to be awarded the Order of Canada.

fern hill said...

Indeed, we heartily endorse Dr Morgentaler's recognition for his service and commitment to women's health.

JJ said...

Hey Anon, how's that "Everyone return your Order of Canada medals aka 'Blizzard of Snowflakes' in protest of Morgentaler" thing working out for you? LOL

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