Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Is so-called "prolife" shrieeking about this? ^NOT

Remember what every so-called "prolife" M312 supporter, from MP Woodworth himself to Faytene Grasseschi, from his colleague Breitkreuz to the young! women! on the Caravan spouted?

“Until a child’s little toe pops out of the birth canal, that child is not recognized as a human being in Canada”... was THE speaking point parroted over and over and over and over ...

Our sister blogger JJ suggested a simple fix for Woodworth's problem with Subsection 223(1) of the Criminal Code, one that would have kept abortion legal, a medical procedure provided by a physician.

Since Woodworth's Wank was really, truly about re-criminalizing abortion and imposing terms of limitations it was eventually defeated in the House of Commons.

So... about that "little toe popping out of the birth canal", it seems the only advocates for a women and her child born in risky circumstances are her mother and the Elizabeth Fry Society. 
Julie Bilotta told the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre she was in pain for about nine hours before giving birth to her son, Gionni Lee, through a "breech birth." A breech birth occurs when the baby enters the birth canal with the buttocks or feet first instead of the head first.
Bilotta claims guards ignored her calls for help and became irritated by her cries, transferring her from a shared cell to a segregation cell. That is where she gave birth four hours after the transfer. Bilotta also said she underwent two tests from nurses in the jail, who believed she was in false labour.
Bilotta's mother was in tears while detailing the incident as described by her daughter. "She was screaming in a lot of pain and nobody would help her," Kim Hurtubise said outside the Ottawa Hospital's General Campus.
From here.

There are no so-called "prolifers" shrieeeking about a woman who chose to gestate until term, who might have died giving birth, while her fetus' toes were outside her body, but the rest stuck inside because the correctional facility refused to provide medical assistance?

Ooops.  Forgot that for MP Woodworth and his supporters, pregnant women are only "locations" purposed in servitude to the unborn.  They won't be shrieeeking their outrage now, since it's no longer a fetus and its well-being is therefore not useful in their ideological war on women.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

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