Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Quick Way to Tell Your MP How to Vote on M312

For people not on Twitter, has an automated email to PMSHithead and your MP on Woody's Wank.

It's gratifying to see so many different people on the #M312 hashtag making the announcement 'Stop the covert attempt to criminalize abortion' and the link to leadnow.

The fetus fetishists infesting that hashtag have numbered about five, twit-spamming the same message over and over: 'I love #M312. Please vote for it' aimed at today's short list of MPs. Amusingly, the NDP Communications Twitter account is almost always included.

So, if you haven't yet emailed your MP, this is a really quick way to do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fern, Rick from BDBO here.

Thanks for your comment on my own post.

Just would like to mention--Not wanting to self-promote, but good thing I am a charismatic and can happily listen to over an hour of Faytene speaking to get what I used.

I think you would have started trying to claw out your eardrums after a minute or two. :)

No need to leave this as a comment here if you think it not relevant.


fern hill said...

Hi, Rick. I think you are quite right about the eardrums. :)

However easy it was for you to listen and extract, it's still great work and will no doubt feature in upcoming blogposts at DJ. Here's a link for those who are curious about what we're talking about.

My co-blogger deBeauxOs has an interest in Faytene too. I'm sure she'll appreciate your efforts too.

Anonymous said...

*blush* Thanks

Fern: "My eardrums! My beautiful eardrums..."

I do quite enjoy listening to her teach though, it can be... *Spock voice* interesting. :)

Rick of BDBO

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