Monday 25 June 2012

In Their Own Words

The thing about dog whistles is that dogs yap when they hear them.

Back in 2008, while Ken Epp was insisting that his private member's bill, C484, the 'Unborn Victims of Crime' bill, had absotively nothing, nada, zip, zero to do with abortion, our old pal Johnny 'Tubesock Holocaust' Pacheco kinda blew that gaffe by calling it Kicking Abortion's Ass Bill.

Now, a Catlick organ has done it for Woodworth's Wank. Look at the headline.

Personhood motion to get more time

This is how they see it, people. This is the first step towards creating personhood for zygotes and restricting the rights of incubators.

Thanks to JJ for the webcache link.

ADDED: Of course, Tubesock himself calls it a 'personhoood' motion.

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Pseudz said...

It's filly-soffikle - if ya sing to the choir and nobody's listening; is it music?

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