Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dating services for anti-Choice Men.


Another day, another RWNJ politician in the US shares fond memories of ...
New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith, [...] who just received the Henry J. Hyde award for Americans United for Life for his career dating back to his days as a pro-life organizer at Trenton State College in 1972, [...] is also concerned that pro-abortion initiatives are being pushed in Obamacare and in U.S. overseas programs, something he would fight if he succeeds in his bid to become the next chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee next year. “To me the right to life is the most elemental right,” he said.

In receiving his Hyde award, Smith noted that even his wife is deeply involved in the anti-abortion movement, something that brought the two together at Trenton State. He said that when he helped create a pro-life caucus at the school, she joined in but rejected his requests for a date. So he made her treasurer of the group and eventually they became a couple.
*Seduction* tactics from the deeply paternalistic.

Who would have guessed that anti-choicers were limited to such a small breeding dating pool? And that they'd have to resort to bullying tactics to wear down women's resistance and to coerce them into marrying them?

Meanwhile, this study highlights how systemic sexism persists, particularly from men whose views are reinforced by their own traditional marriages.


liberal supporter said...

Good move, he was able to breed her without having to pay her father 50 shekels, and all that unpleasantness of a rape trial.

Sixth Estate said...

Dear DJ!,

I've taken Smith's advice to heart as I try to pick up women lately. But every time I explain to them that in order for our relationship to work I must have control over their bodies and their behaviour, they blow me off. Can you help?

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