Monday, 18 June 2012

Chocolate Milk Martyrgasm!

“We are disturbed that this man would bully and assault young women trying to speak up for other women as well as children,” said Stephanie Gray, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.

“But we are inspired by the calm response of our team members who refuse to fight violence with violence.  By their actions, my courageous colleagues echoed the sentiment of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who once said, ‘We will match your ability to inflict suffering with our ability to endure suffering.’”
Saintly, I tells ya, they're saintly.

I just love chocolate milk as a 'weapon'. Sticky, non-toxic, non-staining. Tasty even.

Unlike the preferred weapons of the fetus fetishists: handguns, sniper rifles, fire bombs, and, as JJ added on Twitter, garden shears.


deBeauxOs said...


I love the fact that it appears that he's not even there to protest as proChoice but as an irate Thunder Bay resident who considers the Whingebago aka FetusMobile to be an eyesore, a blight upon the beautiful and quiet urban oasis the neighbourhood has developed.

Sixth Estate said...

Cue the "Christians are a most persecuted minority" refrain. Or is it the season for absurd Hitler comparisons? It's so hard to remember...

How long does this caravan have left? I'm sure once it's wrapped up we'll be told about what a grand success it was.

choice joyce said...

Did you read about what happened right before the guy poured the chocolate milk on them (in this "violent assault" as CCBR terms it)? Get ready to feel sick to your stomach:

fern hill said...

Joyce's link.

No wonder he was so angry.

deBeauxOs said...

Those antichoicers really have no idea what bullies they are, do they?

The quality of verisimilitude in Jonothan's account reminds me of bad fan fiction.

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