Friday, 4 May 2012

Why do the CONs hate our veterans and our troops?

Actions speak louder than words; the Harper Regime©™ plans to slash and burn programs and services for Canadian veterans.
“While in Charlottetown last week, VAC staff informed me that because they did their job ‘too well’ and had too many veterans coming to the office for service, the federal government was closing the Charlottetown District office,” Stoffer said in a statement. “They were told to direct more veteran clients to the toll-free phone service and the internet.”
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As well, human resources providing assistance with regard to suicide prevention and PTSD care for veterans of Afghanistan will be MASSIVELY reduced. From here:
[...] the Department of National Defence was cutting the jobs of medical professionals involved in suicide prevention and PTSD monitoring — despite claims by DND and the Canadian Forces that dealing with such health issues is a priority. Two unions have been informed by DND of the job cuts. DND has not commented on the cuts but sources confirmed the positions will be eliminated.

At the same time, the newspaper obtained an internal report for senior military officers at CFB Petawawa warning that emotionally damaged Afghanistan war veterans at the base are being neglected by a mental health treatment system that is in “crisis.”

‘MacKay loves to wrap himself in the military flag and as long as these guys are healthy’
The report was written by a group of civilian clinicians who provide much of the care to hundreds of mentally ill soldiers from the base.

It describes a system that is poorly funded, devoid of forward planning, scrambling to provide even basic care and leaving mentally ill, often-suicidal soldiers waiting four months or more before a psychiatrist or psychologist is available to treat them.
Unsurprisingly, the Minister for National Defense, Peter MacKay did nothing to ensure these vital services for veterans are maintained.

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Niles said...

So, Harper finally wins the equivalent of being President of the US under highly suspicious electoral grounds ala Gore/Bush and goes on to clone every single aspect of the Bush administration.

Office of Religious Freedom needs the money, vets. If you want care, go to a government funded faith-based org that will likely be allowed to use our tax money to refuse equal rights of employment and be prepared to convert.

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