Thursday, 31 May 2012

Just say 'no', Canada

So, last night on Twitter, SUZYALLCAPSLOCK, as @roseblue, was squatting on the #M312 (Woodworth's Wank) hashtag in a prolonged fit of echolalia, obsessively repeating her mantra: 'It is *so* human. It's a fact.' Over and over and over again.

I got a little annoyed and decided to post links to Canadian Cynic's scathing take-down of her endorsement this past January of a USian hit list for abortion providers. SHE thinks we should have one here too. I thought that maybe people on the fence on M312 ('what's the harm in discussing when life begins?') might be interested in the sort of person who is fanatically in favour of it. And, in particular, what a lying, eliminationist nutbar SHE is.

By the way, I think desperation is setting in to the pro-M312 camp as they realize the truth of what Chantal Hébert said on May 11. They are going to lose. Big. Time.
A defeat this time — at the hands of the most socially-conservative friendly majority government in decades — would be a crushing blow to the anti-abortion cause.

It could be construed as its biggest setback since the Supreme Court ruling.

Given the active opposition of the prime minister to the motion, it would likely put the issue to rest at least in Parliament and, if not for all time, at least for the rest of his term in office.
This morning it dawned on me that today is the *third* anniversary of the assassination of Dr George Tiller. A man who had been targetted and hit-listed by the very group behind the new hit list SHE endorses. His murderer was, in fact, aided by a member of Operation ReScum.

What do we call that again? Oh yeah. Terrorism enabling.

While we in Canada have our insane fetus fetishists, overall we are not nearly as nutz as the US.

And we are not nutz because, well, we're Canadian, but also because abortion is a settled matter here.

Settled. As in, been there, done that.

No abortion doctors or clinics have been attacked here for years and years.

Let's keep it that way. Don't let the terrorism enablers have a platform for their hate and insanity.

Fuck the debate.


JJ said...

RIP, Dr. Tiller. :(

And yes: the reason our nutbars haven't been out killing any ob-gyns lately is because it's been a settled matter for so long that it's not even on most peoples' radar. And our anti-choice "movement", such as it is, is pretty lame: few of them have the same fire in the belly for their crusade that you see in the USian crackpots. They think they do, but they don't. Nor do they have the leverage with government or the support of the general public.

As someone who blogs about anti-choice idiots on both sides of the border, this has been my observation, that's all.

Gristle McThornbody said...

"...overall we are not nearly as nutz as the US."

Hey! I resemble that comment! ;)

We'll find out just how batshit crazy most of the US is this November. I'm actually quite afraid. There are so many Dems disillusioned with Bamz and not paying attention to the rightwing f***ery going on in every state that it could really go either way.

Keep on top of them - we let little things slide backwards way too far for way too long and look where it's gotten us - welcome to 1912.

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