Tuesday 15 May 2012

The Devil Has All the Good Slide Shows Too

SUZYALLCAPSLOCK (aka, SHE Who Wants the Abortion Debate but Blocks Tweeps Who Ask Inconvenient Questions or Cite That Damned Facty Stuff) is whinging again that 'prolifism' is handicapped by the unfair fight against Main Stream Culture because the devil has all the good tunes.

And movies. And literature. And television. And documentaries. And dancing. And fun.

Prolifism needs its own culture!!11!!!

(Plain text to save unwary clickers from fetal pr0n/gore redirect.)


Well, I was going to mock that with 'It does have its own culture and it sucks', providing handy links to fetus fetishist movies and music.

But then I saw that SUZE isn't alone in trying to counter the sane people's idea of a good life. The nutbars at the Family Research Council are working on it too.

They've come up with a doozy.

Apparently, the Democrats have come out swinging for the non-male vote with this cutesy slide show of how much better 'Julia' would fare under Obama rather than Mittens Romney. It's called Life of Julia.

FRC hits back with Life of Maggie.

I found it via JoeMyGod who can be something of a kidder. He tweeted:
Maggie's first date is with her father.
And I thought 'funny'.

Well, it's still funny. Because it's true. See 'Age 14' in the slide show.

Most of the citations go to a new-to-me Bad Science outfit called marri research, which has been torqued from 'Marriage and Religion Research Institute'.

So, FRC has suggested #IAmMaggie as the hashtag for this hard-hitting campaign and BOOM! the Smartypantses are having a ball with it.


deBeauxOs said...

And that, folks is called "Diversion" - when we evul, irreverent lefties and progressives subvert MASSIVELY stoopid RWNJ spin and make it ... well - diverting and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

...or utterly without substance/truth

fern hill said...

Um. What is 'without substance'?

Niles said...

Uhm, having seen the supposed family life that Maggie has, they dare call the Obama plan 'alternate reality'?

I notice the Obama plan talks to Julie and the Maggie plan talks to "if maggie behaves in a certain way, coming from a certain family, and presuming certain things about that family and her ability to have money"

oi vey.

Beijing York said...

Did Daddy-O take Maggie to her HS (read Charter Christian Academy) Prom? They skipped that slide.

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