Friday 18 May 2012

Attention, those who choose to leave *anonymous* comments.

Recently at DAMMIT JANET! we've been receiving *anonymous* comments from people who choose not to create an account in their real or internet identity.

This means we can't contact you via email if we have a question about the observations you would like to share with us or other readers, in response to our blogposts.

Since we have the power to moderate our comments - which we choose to do as it's our blog & our rules - we like to know who and what we're dealing with.

Some of our regulars - k'in for example, who we've met in real life, and can contact through an email address - have experienced difficulties registering with Blogger and thus leave a signature when they comment.

In recent weeks we've received multiple comments from several "Anonymous" folks who regurgitate fetus lobby glurge or anti-choice propaganda, and then make a big show about dissassociating themselves from the puke they've written.

Thank you for your *concern* but enough is enough. Our regular readers leave comments that engage the mind and advance the discussion. We're familiar with the standard antichoice bullshit; you don't need to drag it here as though you're a 3 month old puppy bringing us the carcass of a dead rat.

We're not in the business of providing biscuits.


Unknown said...

Wait, I was told there'd be biscuits!


deBeauxOs said...

Heh. You wanna biscuit?

We have some yummy gingerbread feti.

the regina mom said...

Wait a hold it! Are you or are you not handing out biscuits? If yes, what kind? Discerning biscuit-eaters want to know!

Beijing York said...

Vanilla cream with raspberry jam biscuits?

double nickel said...

Are you now, or have you ever handed out biscuits to those people?

Kev said...

Woof woof *pant* *pant* *pant*

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