Monday, 23 April 2012

Stephen Taylor is *Indignant*

The director of the National Citizens Coalition wants Harper to cut up the "taxpayer credit card" that has been loaned to Bev Oda because she has demonstrated little respect for ... hold on!

What exactly has Oda done that Cashmere Tony, Christian Paradis (here and here), Peter MacKay (here and here) and Bruce Carson have ^NOT in their own way done, so much more spectacularly and worth a helluva lot more of taxpayers' money than a $16 glass of orange juice at the Savoy Hotel?

Oh. Wait. Bev Oda is a female cabinet minister. I'd forgotten that PMSHithead and his band of CON bullies established quite a different standard of accountability and transparence for them. Ask Helena Guergis.

Note: I would link to Taylor's tweet but it appears that he has blocked me, after one or perhaps one hundred too many snarky bon mots lobbed in his direction.

This is the best I can do. For folks without a magnifying glass, just click on the screen cap below to see a larger version.

With a grand merci to my co-blogger fh, an expert in the use of the Capture app. for Macbooks.


Niles said...

People have trouble wrapping their minds around billions and billions for arcane war machinery.

Booking out of a posh hotel and into another one for whatever reason (I've seen it floated that the new one had smoking rooms, adding a touch of indulgent impurity to things)and doubling the costs, travel expenses and inconvenience to everyone around her? *That* every Joelle on the street understands and can compare to their own deeds.

Like it or not, it's Sex and the City excesses fodder and the very details of it speak to genderized tropes.

This gets legs where actually altering a legal document does not get her censured by the usual suspects??

I don't know. Some days I think men like Harper encourage women the likes of Shirish Chotalia to work for him, disposable bullies that try so hard to fit into the boys' club until they find the 'girlz keep out' sign applies to them too, no matter what kind of dirty work they did for him.

It's adhoc observation on my part. I'm waiting to see where my own MP, whose greatest prowess seems to have been fundraising for the party enough to earn a merit badge, is trotted out.

Anonymous said...

Do you presume sexism in Taylor because he is a man? What does that say about you presuming something about him just because of his gender? How do you ascribe motive? If you think he's sexist, I'd like to see more evidence based on his actions (not based on his gender).

I think Niles has it right. This is an issue that resonates with the people Taylor's group represents.

Remember, it's the entitlement factor.

Remember Dingwall's pack of gum? These things become symbolic for a government.

Jymn said...

Ouch, is right.

Anonymous, sexism is presumed of any individual, male or female, when that person holds the sexes to different standards.

deBeauxOs said...


Taylor has not called out ethics violations, gross abuse of DND resources, etc. etc. by male Cabinet ministers. Yet he targets Oda for this?

Sure smells like sexism to me.

Niles said...

Niles thinks there is a sexist streak wound through the indignation for reasons stated above but, given the indignant party and how often he plays mouthpiece to the party talking points, Niles also finds it doubtful anything chiding would be said without assurance it's ok to chide, as evidenced by not-chiding in earlier Oda 'mis-steps'.

On a general anecdotal observation level, those in power over Oda seem inclined to blow cold on the women with the most political visibility within Harper's Valet PTA over lesser matters than the high profile men around them, but creepers, it's hard to care when women working to impoverish the efforts of other Canadian women get the knife they helped sharpen in the political back.

Wowsers, what a shock.

Danno said...

What about Dear Leader and his $45,000 baseball trip to NYC? Does that not qualify as wasteful spending worthy of an unreserved apology to Canadians in the House of Commons?

harebell said...

I think you forgot the racism that might be included too. Anon if you think that is unlikely maybe you'd like to check out Taylor's spawn the BT's and their views on the issue.!/bcbluecon/status/195909671637368833

deBeauxOs said...

Oh geez, that dickhead, bcblue and I have crossed swords on the topic. He's clearly a RWNJ idiot.

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