Tuesday 17 April 2012

Nancy Ruth to Stephen Woodworth: STFU

Senator Nancy ('Shut the fuck up'*) Ruth has signed the petition opposing Woodworth's Wank. And she commented.
there are only a few Conservatives that think like woodworth. Most of us, including the PM, do not want any debate on rights for the fetus or abortion. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. keep up the good work.

More than 10,000 people have signed.

And discussions are happening in odd places. Earlier today, DJ! recorded a Wedding Bells forum as a referring URL. I checked it out. Indeed, a few people were talking about M312 and one participant had linked to a post here.

Thinking 'this is a good audience', I joined, introduced myself, and left a link to ARCC's Motion 312 Action Alert page. There were a couple of replies, nothing unpleasant. But just now when I tried to return, I got a 404 disappeared message.

As Senator Ruth would say: WTF?

* Why we call her STFU.

PS: Yes, I'm working on a blogpost on the latest ugliness from the sex-selective abortion file. Having written on the topic a few times, I'm finding this eruption particularly disheartening. It's happening in Canada and exposes a virulent combination of misogyny and racism. Go look at the comments here. If you have the stomach.

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Beijing York said...

Those Sun comments are vile.

On a positive note, Joyce Arthur is unflappable. Always on point:

"The root problem is how society views women and girls, and that's what we need to work on," she said.

Anonymous said...

for years we've been hearing '90pct of Canadians want abortion recriminalized, 99pct of americans want it criminalized too' etc etc, but invariably, whenever there is a secret ballot, all of those wonderful high anti-abortion poll numbers mysteriously disappear and the majority of people vote pro-choice!

Amanda Marcotte had an interesting article about this over at pandagon, her theory is that people like to 'keep up appearances' and will often lie to pollsters and even friends, but inwardly they are pro-choice.

fern hill said...

Yeah, saw that piece by Marcotte and blogged it. The privacy of the polling booth is a Very Good Thing.

Niles said...

The comments certainly are making the Conservatives case for them. With supporters like that, the moral high ground is theirs!

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