Monday, 30 April 2012

Chen Guangcheng

From the Pre-empting the Where Are the Feminists? Bleat File:

Have you heard of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng?

Probably not, unless you are a fetus fetishist or follower of China-US relations.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton no doubt hopes the diplomatically delicate case of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, who escaped house arrest and then sought refuge with US authorities in Beijing, can be resolved before she and a high-level entourage including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner arrive in the Chinese capital Thursday.

Both American and Chinese officials are tight-lipped on their deliberations over the rights advocate, whose treatment has figured prominently in official Western protests of China’s human rights record. Mr. Chen, blind since childhood, is a self-taught legal authority and critic of the forced abortions he exposed through risky investigations.

At the White House on Monday, President Obama said during a press conference that he was "aware" of the Chen case but would not say how the US will treat Chen's case. He suggested, however, that the issue of human rights in China would come up in this week's talks, as it always does with Beijing, not only because "it is the right thing to do" but also because "we think China will be stronger as it opens up and liberalizes its own system."
The Fetus Lobby is spinning this sticky wicket as 'pro-abort Obama won't protect heroic baby-saver!!1!!1'


Nothing yet on Where Are the Feminists on the Persecution of Chen Guangcheng???!!??

For the record: Feminists are as opposed to forced abortion as we are to forced birth.

But unlike the zygote zealots, we recognize a diplomatic mine-field when we see one.

Image source and more about famous Chinese dissidents

UPDATE (May 2, 2012): Ah, there they are. SHRIIEEEK!!!!1!1


Niles said...

It's good that the usual suspects have skipped right on over that whole problematic 'choice' part of pro-choice.

If every pregnant woman in Canada *wanted* to carry their pregnancy to term, no matter the consequences, more power to them and more money to healthcare and childcare to support them and down with those who would criminally charge them for doing so.

Since that's not the case and using evidence-based information to show that every woman bearing every pregnancy to term is not a good thing isn't the same thing as *forcing* women to undergo communist China abortions!!1!...a weary facepalm is in order.

I wonder where world stage leader Harper will plant his flag on this issue? He was more than willing to let a Canadian wither away in a Canadian embassy far from home for far less.

harebell said...

"Feminists are as opposed to forced abortion as we are to forced birth."

This says it all to me. Pro choice. Why can't the terminally befuddled understand that we're pro-choice and it's not a euphemism.

Beijing York said...

Notice how the anti-choice supporters barely shriek at the one child policy in China. I figure they are too racist to put their values to the test. They figure that had China not instituted the policy, the whole world would be overtaken by their population. They probably didn't have much to cry about over India's short-lived forced sterilization policy either.

Anonymous said...

Okay I did hear about this guy, but only because he's a blinds right activist in China, and I follow disability advocates/news. I had no idea he was an anti-choicer though.

fern hill said...

I wouldn't call him an 'anti-choicer' in our usual use of the term.

Under China's one-child policy, I'd call someone who works against forced abortion 'pro-choice'. Woman/family's choice -- not state enforcement.

Anonymous said...

confirmation bias--belief polarization

Anonymous said...

Dear Censor (Editor/Moderator),
Wow, no approval of my comment "confirmation bias--belief polarization". I guess I should have added "intellectualy intolerant" or simply "intolerant". There is no choice of ideas when ideas are censored. Think freely and openly. We are supposed to have that right. Have a nice day. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Sorry if I was too impatient for the posting. I simply did not expect it to take so long. Take Care

fern hill said...

I don't know what time zone you are in, Anonymous, but until recently, it was Sleep Time Zone where I am.

Also, I don't know what scathing sarcasm 'confirmation bias' is supposed to convey.

But you have a nice day too.

Anonymous said...

Nothing scathing at all. Simply being polite. I am sorry if you do not recognize that.

Niles said...

Seriously? You, whoever you are, stranger who is not familiar with how this blog runs, sign in as 'anonymous', leave a two word vague blip on a post that is several days old and then -10 minutes later by the blog clock- you whine that you've been deprived of free speech by deliberate censorious agency of the people at 'DammitJanet!'?

Bless your little heart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continued correction Niles. You are correct, as I said above, i was too impatient for the post. Tell me, is it your general habit to pound on people after they apologize? Is that how you treat those close to you or just strangers? Perhaps you can help me with something. Your posts reflect a unique level of indignation. I have been reflecting on the origin of indignation lately and thought that you may have some insight. What do you think it comes from?
P.S. I will understand if you don't respond. This topic has probably already grown stale and you most likely wont even see my question. However, if you do, I would be thankful for your response.
Take Care

deBeauxOs said...

Anonymous at 10:14

Thanks for your continued whining. You are correct, nobody here expects you to apologize again for behaving like a dickhead.

Perhaps you can help us with something. Your posts reflect a unique inability to take the time to evaluate whether those who read them will understand your point. We have been reflecting on the consequences of lack of impulse control lately and thought you may have some insight.

PS: We'll understand if you don't respond.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so my little questions evoke "dickhead" and "whining" as a response--rich. Interesting. Ever consider anger management lessons? Just wondering. Again you are correct, it probably was impulsive and presumptuous for me to assume you would have any understanding of my posts. Abstract or even coherent thought does not appear to be one of the highlights of the blog--verbal abuse though does.

Tell me, what causes you to lash out at such simple dialogue the way you do. Are you capable of having a civil conversation with anyone other than yourself or those who only think like you? (clue-confirmation bias--belief polarization). Do you feel that only you are right and know what right is—that everyone else is a "whining" "dickhead" "zygote zealot" of the "Fetus Lobby" that are just a bunch of "fetus fetishist" ? (clue--indignation) One of the unique abilities of humans is the ability to reflect. I offer you introspection, if you can stand it. I sense you can't. I am sorry for you if that is the case. Hopefully it is not.
Best wishes.

deBeauxOs said...

Anonymous, Wow, so now you've shed most of your passive aggressive disguise and been spurred to reveal the prick underneath.

At DJ! we express ourselves in a direct, forthright manner. Our readers understand our perspectives. We don't deal in tortuous circumlocution.

Your comments stand for our readers to see, evaluate and perhaps offer to you some of that introspection you seem so eager to offer others.

fern hill said...

To our passive-aggressive Anonymous pal:

You are tedious. Find another platform for your fatuousness.

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