Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We Can't Stop Here...This Is Wombbat Country!

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This, is a wombat.
A busy little tyke, like all marsupials, in times of physical stress her ability to abort offspring is easily done, as she's usually already carrying it in an external pouch.  Marsupial infants can be artificially raised apart from a maternal lactating pouch long before they can independently survive, as they are already predisposed to a non-placental environment.

This, is a womb-bat.
A busy little tyke, when it comes to bearing offspring, he thinks human women are marsupials too! Isn't that cute?  But being the big, grown-up Conservative Boy he really is, he's economically responsible and still prefers human women to continue placentally incubating human offspring instead of forcing the government to transfer the wee human bairns to expensive, although Totes Possible, artificial care until their human ex-utero viability date is signed-off on by Responsible Overseers.

He knows convincing irrational human women not to depend on modern artificial convenience to shorten their personal investment in the genetic future of Canada may turn out to be very problematic, but the issue is likely to be solved by the expedience of making the recalcitrant hysterics solely bear the costs of the artificial intervention.  There will be a further economic savings in that other human women will consider abstinence to be the far more wily economic choice after seeing the financial consquences of transferring a formative-human to its new, inhuman abode.

Some will say that once a human woman has started internally replicating another human, nothing should interfere with the countdown of the already clockwork course of events that result in full term birth, but our 'Mr Smith Gone to Wombington' believes that in this modern age, there is no reason to punish women for being sexually active when there is massive, highly delicate medical technology waiting to welcome formative-humans by the thousands.  The connected operating theater time, wound recovery, and of course, expense, will be more than punishment enough.

Given enough time, as more medical technology developments occur, the human female infants put into care as a result of these human-saving interventions, when not adopted out, can be incentivized to pay off their pre-childhood debts by becoming out-source womb surrogates.  This will drastically reduce the number of medical technicians required to monitor a formative-human.

The organic option, will of course require seeing the institutionalized human girls are raised in a manner optimal to internally supporting a new human capable of being adopted out to human parents shopping for the best human product, but since the formative-humans will be matured under the moral guidance of faith-based organizations, as our busy Womb-bat has been, what could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong...
 What could possibly go wrong...
   What could possibly go wrong...

This episode of "Fatherland Who's Who" has been brought to you today by Woodworth Fertilizers, where you can call bullshit good for business, but until it's broken up and lets light through, all it does is choke anyone downwind.


Anonymous said...

Opportunists like Woodworth (remember he ran and lost for the Liberals) don't have the parts to run for the Christian Heritage Party, their natural home where the wingnut agenda is out in the open. These fibertarian wombies want both the perqs of incumbency, and the green light to impose their batshitcrazy on the rest of us.


deBeauxOs said...

Brilliant, Niles!!!

fern hill and I had talked some years ago about doing a "Fetusland Who's Who" series but got distracted by other issues.

"Fatherland" says it all.

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